Costco finds


Does that mean they’re discontinuing them?


Only so much tends to come in. I think the MdR Costco has carried it for three or four years now. I shop here very regularly. Of the times I’ve seen it, what ever was initially on the shelf was it at first. Each subsequent time it appeared, what ever was on the shelf was it, or one, maybe two restocks.


Also available at the La Habra Costco today. They had it out for sampling…I really enjoyed it and picked up a couple of packages. Thanks for sharing.


Two things they were sampling recently that we bought.

If they hadn’t been sampling I wouldn’t have bought these EVER. But they were darn tasty. MW for 60 seconds and let set for 60 and eat. With a piece of toast it makes a completely fine little breakfast.

And Kinder’s Cowboy Queso. They’re a NorCal company whose BBQ sauce is IMO outstanding - and we’ve not bought BBQ sauce in years. Here’s a thing from their FB.


Picked up the Teriyaki-Vegetable Udon stir-fry bag and a Chicken Vegetable Soba noodle salad box. The Udon was less teriyaki and more mushroom-y to me. Add chicken and more vegetables and it would be pretty good. The soba salad came with a delightful gochujang vinaigrette, but was not as successful cold because the noodles broke during the tossing process and felt gummy while eating. Apparently, the soba can also be served warm…gonna give it another go and try it warm next time.


I’ve had good results with the vegetarian frozen yakisoba + vacuum sealed korean style short ribs as “galbi yakisoba”



Oh goody! We loved those. Thanks.


Damn. I paid full price last week.


Well, it’s just 50 cents off per :slight_smile: But yeah I totally get it.



Which Costco was this at? I’ve never seen a Costco meat counter like that before.


I’m not @js76wisco, but the Alhambra Costco meat/seafood counter is very similar.


Yorba Linda
They also had very nice shrimp, dungeness crab and lobsters.


I’ve never seen costco beef not on styrofoam or vacuum sealed.


Oh, that part. I don’t think I have either. At least in Reno while they’ve recently had not “previous frozen” we got one a while back and werent impressed.


The MdR Costco sets up this type of display around significant dates, and sometimes just because. They usually display various prime grade beef cuts, shrimp, king crab, shellfish, etc.


Yes this is definitely a special occasion set up. Valentine’s day. Fathers day. July 4th. Christmas. Lots of great prime cuts and expensive seafood.