Costco finds


Whoa. What does one do with 2# of dried anchovies? Actually what does one do with them period???


Stir fry them


Drink a lot of soju?


Has anyone tried these???


Niboshi dashi in Japanese cuisine. Kinda time consuming and a bit tedious because the heads have to be pinched off and the guts have to be scraped out of each of the anchovies. My mom tried to recruit me when I was a kid to do this chore - hated it.


That’s a crazy chore, lol. I peeled thousands of potatoes with a paring knife as a child and thought that was tough. I can’t imagine if my mom plopped fish gutting in front of me.


It really turned me off of Japanese food for a while. It all coincided with me growing up in WASP-dominated sanitized society with no room for alien food from a vanquished WWII enemy like “fish heads and rice.”



Damn $3.29 per lb for prime brisket? Fire up that smoker!


I saw that and wondered what prime would offer.