Costco finds


I hadn’t seen this before, but the checker said they get it this time of year.

The Richmond, CA, store did not have the d’Artagnan andouille today but I’m not sure I’ve found it there ever.


I saw the duck leg but not the octopus. Did you buy them? If so, please tell us what you do with them.

We bought honeycomb there the other day. It’s really, really good and we rarely find it in a retail store.


Sometimes I just heat the duck and crisp the skin. Other times I put the meat in soup or beans and serve the skin like hot chicharron.

Never bought octopus before. I’m thinking to go in a Spanish direction.


We ate grilled octopus a lot in Greece. But I know nothing about it.


the frozen wonton noodle soup is far superior to the shoyu ramen, but the shoyu ramen isn’t bad for what it is.


This is interesting. I’ve always shied away from most of the Asian items at Costco. I’ll have to give it a try.


great for a quick snack or when you’re feeling sickish and want something comforting.


I can’t quit these.


Has anyone seen the D’Artagnan andouille or magret duck breasts lately? I got some confit, but haven’t seen the others since last holiday season.


We’re in Seattle so I’ll take a look. Will definitely get some more honeycomb if they still have it.


I’ve been to half a dozen Costcos in the SF Bay Area and have not found D’Artagnan magret or andouille.There is a five-pound magret + confit bundle online, but it appears to be about the same price as ordering from

FWIW, Gourmet Corner in San Mateo has a wide selection of Rougie (Canadian) frozen duck products not listed on their web site, including magret and foie gras.


Highly recommended.


Found the following in the Kaoshiung Costco. Half the SKU’s in store were USA products, many items unique to Asia.

Didn’t try the all PORK hot dog combo (had bigger fish to fry, so to speak.)


If only they sold that (anything like it) here in SoCal!!:roll_eyes:


Kirkland 2 PK of Beet Juice with Apple, Cucumber, Tumeric and other veggie/fruit goodies for $7.99
Outfriggin’ standing!
From Turkey and not refrigerated until opened.

Just got the Truffle Salt that was on Oprah’s Fave things this year!


Love the Brazi Bites. Had them for the first time at a Brazilian friend’s house BBQ. You know they must be good if even the Brazilians buy them! I found them at Costco a few weeks ago and texted her a picture – she was so happy to see they sold them in bigger bags than what Sprouts was selling.


At some point, Costco was also selling pizza-flavored BraziBites. My family preferred the traditional flavored one…the pizza wasn’t very pizza-y for them.


Costco in other countries have fascinating products.


The Oahu Costco foodcourt has Saimin for 1.50 (reg) or 3.00 (large).

In Quebec, the foodcourt has poutine (but of course).


I gorge on fiddlehead ferns when I’m in Taiwan.

Lo and behold, Costco produce and protein section!!!