Costco finds


This is super cool just on novelty alone.


Best Costco deli meats platter right here:

Has anyone tried any of these products?


The Covad bellota ham is great, as is their chorizo sampler.

Fratelli Beretta is from New Jersey, not to my taste. Some Costcos have Citterio Prosciutto di Parma, that’s the real thing.


Well for us plebs NJ salami will have to do.


Wish I had more details but I no longer have the packaging for the delicious Korean beef short ribs. They are in the convenience frozen section, (not in the meat section). I believe that they were ~ $15 a package. There were 9 good sized bone-in ribs. Enough for 2 people, or possibly 4 if you serve them ssam-style with lettuce etc. Just thaw, and 10 minutes oven time. The marinade was pretty much spot on. Good product IMO.


The bomb! victoria organic marinara


How is this better than homemade? I’m no snob but this is the kind of thing I can’t imagine buying rather than making.


you can microwave a single serving in 30 seconds and call it a day?


That’s true and I frequently go for ease. But something like marinara , I don’t know. But I have to remind myself that we’re retired and just cooking for the two of us so saving 30 minutes means nothing most days.


30 minutes is my entire allotted time for dinner, including prep. On the lucky days we actually sit down at the dinner table instead of standing up around the kitchen island.

If we’re feeling REALLY spoiled, we’ll break out the instapot for those glorious 90 minute cooks…LOL


OT, tonight’s dinner is pork shoulder I cooked yesterday. Potatoes are cooking while we’re watching the news. And I’ll throw some spinach into a pot of boiling water. Maybe this should be a thread :slight_smile:


Some of us are not retired and have other things to do besides make marinara sauce when we need it. Some of us have kids who like to help in the kitchen and jarred pasta sauce comes in handy.

I’m not negating the fact that homemade “might” be better (depending on the cook) but there are times when its not doable. I make my own marinara and freeze it (heck, I go to the farm and pick my own tomatoes for my sauce) but to defrost the sauce and heat it takes more time than popping open a jar and using that.


Not to criticize anyone, but I can’t imagine being too busy to cook. I think I’d die of a simultaneous heart attack and stroke if I was that busy.


If I’m working 60-80 hour weeks, I can guarantee you that there will be little to zero cooking going down in my household. For weeks like those, I have to rely on Costco pre-packaged everything, take-out or hope that my Mom comes over with treats. The idea of having to prep, cook, or clean anything does not make my day easier nor the little time I get to spend with my family before bedtime.


Ditto. Now there is the night when we grab a burrito or take and bake pizza. But my main go-to when I’m busy or tired is Hazan’s carbonara. Stirfrys. Breakfast for dinner. “Melanges” which is clean out the fridge, cook it all up and love it.


I don’t think anyone said they were too busy to cook. What I said was that sometimes one doesn’t have time to make a full meal from scratch due to time constraints, so that’s when things like jarred marinara can come in hand. Not having the time sometimes is different than not having the time at all.

I enjoy cooking, but if I get home at 7pm, I’m not going to make my family wait until after 8pm for a full on homemade meal. And I’d rather give them jarred organic marinara than grab takeout on my way home.


I lost 30 pounds in a year without trying. Not quite the simultaneous heart attack/stroke, but I’m getting there!


Has anyone tried the bulgolgi or this lasagna?


We thought that lasagna was GREAT! If they continue to have it, I’m going to buy one, cook it and freeze in two-person portions. We had it with two of our ‘kids’ and their little ones. Not a bite left.


One of the ingredients is “heavy garlic.”