Costco finds


Which one? I can’t read the labels. The lasagna wasn’t garlic-y.



Thanks. I couldn’t get it to do that :slight_smile: Maybe that’s why it tasted so good.


They regularly offer samples of the beef bulgogi at our Costco in Las Vegas, and it’s tasty, but pretty salty.


We have neighbors that regularly serve the kirkland frozen lasagna (the two pack) at neighborhood events. I didn’t know that, I just knew that It was so tasty I finally had to ask and? They fessed up and admitted it was from costco. Told a friend, she bought it for her family’s Thanksgiving potluck and? Game on. To paraphrase her “It tastes real, is cheaper than scratch, not that bad for you and? You don’t have to cook! The only issue is freezer space…”


We’ve never had their regular one. But IIRC it was $3 off :slight_smile: for the ravioli one. We got it cause the kids were flying in midafternoon that day and I’d rather enjoy them then cook. But we were quite impressed.


CO -

Good to know!

I confess, I have made the going-round-the-internet crockpot ravioli lasagna recipe, made with frozen ravioli, premade sauce, already shredded cheese and? It’s pretty darn tasty. Plus no real cooking needed :grin:

I will also confess? When we have folks coming in from out of town and I know I won’t want to cook? I’ll buy the costco smoked salmon, or the honey smoked salmon, and have it as a breakfast - or dinner - option many a day, with bagels. Plus I’ll nab a rotisserie chicken to use for sandwiches. “Oh hey, would anyone like a roast chicken sandwich?”

I never say WHO’S roast chicken it is ; )


“Totes.” :slight_smile: I’ll repeat: I’m 70 y.o and I’m trying to not be too “I have to cook everything from scratch.” (My) life’s too short.


Some of the smoked salmon is excellent, but Costco rotisserie chickens have a weird flavor to me.


it’s the flavor of too much water added IMO.


Oh they are very salty - I know that!

Put put slices of them in a sandwich, with lettuce, tomato and mayo and, not so bad.


I can feel myself swell when I eat them. I suppose if the solution is good enough for Stormy Daniels’ boobs, it is good enough to plump up a Costco chicken.


I don’t think Costco chickens are too salty, They just taste weird.

The ingredients are “whole chickens, water, seasoning (salt, sodium phosphate, modified food starch (potato, tapioca), potato dextrin, carrageenan, sugar, dextrose, spice extractives),” so maybe it’s the sugars or extractives.


I’d ask if those who don’t like the taste are comparing them to ‘supermarket’ roast chicken or to restaurant or home cooked chickens like free-range, etc… We’re not roast chicken gourmets but we think Costco’s taste just fine and are better than those from our local markets. Ralph’s (Kroeger) now sells a larger chicken, apparently to counter Costco, but it’s $9.99 and we still prefer Costco’s.


Nothing-special supermarket raw chicken cooked at home does not have whatever I’m tasting in Costco’s rotisserie chickens. I’m not sure I’ve had a supermarket-cooked chicken since the 70s.


I know what taste you speak of, as does my wife who doesn’t like it. But she will eat the chicken if dowsed with a homemade chile sauce with a lot of lemon or lime zest and ginger. It mutes out that taste.


I’m comparing them to home cooked or specialty shop, ie Zankou. I will gladly pay the extra 140% upcharge for Zankou vs Costco.


I don’t have access to something like you do so I’ll just continue to cook my own.


We cook chicken at home all the time but are not aware of anything remotely like Zankhou near us. I guess it’s like wine. I don’t find Costco’s chicken at all off-putting but it could just be my palate isn’t that sensitive or educated in this area.


Hi. I’ll address you but this is a question to all. Do you go out of your way to buy a pre-cooked chicken, Costco or otherwise. I bought them a few times when I was ‘cooking’ for my elderly dog. But then went to doing in the PC. Cooking one is so easy I’ve just not seen a reason to buy one. Just me…AND we’re retired…which could make a big difference. I keep forgetting that :slight_smile: