Costco finds


I think two factors go into this.

  1. price
  2. time
    The Costco cooked roti chicken is $5.99 (I think). I basically have 2 full meals for my family with no cooking time involved. Even in a pinch Albertson’s or Whole Foods chicken makes a healthy-ish type of dinner with some greens, pita and hummus.

While I don’t go out of my way for chicken its is a very quick, economical and convenient mid-week dinner that ends up being lunch/snacks in the form of chicken quesadillas, pulled chicken in sandwiches, etc…


In addition to being retired, we (hopefully) obviously don’t have kids at home so that relieves a lot of cooking demands. Thanks for replying.


buying a chicken at Zankou-

  1. Go to Zankou, spend $15, and get a whole chicken with a ton of garlic sauce
  2. Go home and ravage chicken

Total commitment: 15 minutes, $15

making a chicken at home

  1. Go to Zankou anyway to buy garlic sauce
  2. Go to Gelson’s to get a <3 pound high quality chicken for roasting
  3. Get home and salt that sonuvabitch, stuff with thyme, garlic, etc. Plastic wrap and leave in fridge
  4. Wait 3 days
  5. Preheat oven to 450, throw in chicken for an hour
  6. Ravage homemade Zuni style chicken with Zankou garlic sauce

Total commitment: 48 hours, $17


I think time is a major factor in this. We do a lot of pre-made dinners because we both work and budget keeps us from eating out as we used to.


Soy sauce chicken at Sam Woo

KFC, original recipe.


I didn’t know that KFC sold whole chickens! I’ll have to check that out.


There was a delightful feud between Michael Ruhlman and Russ Parsons (they are buddies) when Ruhlman talked about how easy and fast it is to cook a chicken at home and why don’t more folks do it… and estimated the total time at 1 hour.

Parsons nailed him.

Broke down the shopping time, cook time etc and pointed out at, as Ruhlman worked at home, he was counting the cook time as one hour, because he was doing tons of stuff in-between as the chicken cooked, so he just counted the active work time but that if you counted the time from picking up the chicken to getting home to prepping and cooking and resting - it was much much longer.

I love Zankou, but their chickens have gotten much smaller and, pricier. At least by me.

For me myself and I? I love chicken in a pot, done in the crockpot, as it’s tender, tasty, real and cheap. Amazing concentrated broth. You just can’t eat the skin. Next up? Sticky chicken, when you rub the chicken with various herbs and spices, let it dry brine overnight in the fridge then? Roll up four balls of aluminum foil, put them in the crock put, put the rubbed chicken over it and? Set it to high. In 4 - 5 hours you get a beautifully roasted chicken with no basting needed. Still have to do much of the work the night before but? Tasty and easy.

That said? If I have a sick cat who needs chicken NOW or I need a fast reasonably healthy meal start? It’s imperfect but so darn handy - to Costco I go : )


I can’t do quadruple thumbs up so I’ll do it this way :slight_smile: So many variables, eh?



Oh yes. So many variables : )

But how nice that we have choices!


Try the Trader Joes garlic sauce. I’m at Costco every 7-10 days, and the same with Tjs. I grab the garlic sauce on my TJs run, and then grab a roti chicken from Costco, along with the Sabra hummus and the Greek Pita. Makes dinner plus lunch the next day, and then some.


Take it off and crisp it up in a toaster oven or in the microwave with one of those trick bacon pans.


Who shops separately for every meal? Stocking your larder, fridge, and freezer is a central part of being a competent home cook.


When we lived in SF we pretty much shopped for dinner on the way home. The then Bell Market in Noe Valley.


Robert -

I get that, and I do. But Ruhlman was over simplifying so, Parsons called him on it. All in good fun : )

I do try to keep stocked pantry and fridge, but when I lived by Elat Market in the Pico/Robertson area, it was so close to my house and they got different stuff every day, at least once a week I’d stop there on my way home to see what was new and have that decide what dinner would be that night. A little bit of cooking entertainment…!


Hmm… A very possible possibility! Good tip!

(Wonder if the broiler would work as well.)


I just stopped at TJ and they didn’t have garlic sauce. I asked and was told they no longer carry it :pensive:. I’m not sure if all TJ carry the same products?


Stock varies from one TJ’s to another, but you can ask at the manager’s desk whether they’re just not carrying something at that store or if it’s no longer available for them to order.

I believe their policy is to drop the bottom-performing 10% of their products each year.


We just picked it up for the first time a few days ago at the Trader Joe’s at USC’s University Village. It’s not called Garlic Sauce but Garlic Spread and Dip It was with other refrigerator dips in the store.


Thanks- that’s what I was shown.


Picked one up and had some for tonight’s dinner. Just as good as we remembered.