Costco finds


LOL, buddy. It’s the volume I’ve become accustomed to. Can I have some of each? Pretty please?


Correct. The first time I noticed these at the MdR Costco, there wasn’t a lot of this product displayed. I’m guessing as this product has become increasingly popular, this Costco has allotted more shelf space for Kiolbassa each successive year.


Forget volume. Keep them hidden for just yourself. It’s okay to cross the line sometimes.:smiling_imp:


Yes, son…or is it brother? I’m 70!


It is brother to you I’m 61 lol


Another vote for the Kiolbassa beef sausages – great flavor! Not at our Costco (Vegas), but at Sam’s. I first had them a few months ago in the city of their manufacture (San Antonio), noted how great they were, and was very pleased to find them locally.


Catholiver -

If you can’t find them at Costco, my semi-secret source? The 99 cents store. A tall 4oz jar for 99 cents. Scatter with abandon : )


LOL and thanks a mil! xoc


I shop in that costco too. What aisle or section are those sausages? Thanks!

That aisle next to where the cheeses and hummus are kept?


The sausage section is currently the first standing deli refrigerator facing the waist-high meat department refrigerator.


If you are familiar with where the meat department displays the poke, the refrigerated standing case holding the sausages is adjacent to that.


Is that radioactive?


do not get just awful!


Already cooked? Can’t even imagine.


ok so I didn’t expect to spend $20 on sausages yesterday but here we are. What do you guys do with this?

We saw a couple grabbing cases of the shelf-stable pho so we grabbed a case too; if nothing else I was going to slice up this beef sausage to add to that pho.


on sale for < $5 until 5/20. I bought 4 bags.


So far I’ve served those Kiolbassa sausages grilled with lentils on the side, cut up in soup, and diced in greens. I’d use them anywhere a mild pork sausage would make sense.


Great on their own.
Hefty enough for a Kaiser roll but just as good in a hot dog buns.
Soup with peminton, sausage, chicken, shrimp and white beans.
Wife made sauerkraut for these one night.


When I first had them a few months ago in San Antonio, they were barbecued, and wrapped in a lightly grilled flour tortilla. Just added ketchup and onions – good combo. I had the second one with a bit of salsa instead. All good.


Just bought a package of these today. I love threads like this! Thanks.