Cotechino with lentils (and kale and mushrooms)


(While I don’t like promoting Batali, this is great.)

Little City Meats in North Beach San Francisco is now carrying this all year.

They import them.

I made them with sauteed kale and a few (precious) morels. What a special dinner.


Like the morels. Just had some tonite picked in the Mt Shasta forest. Out of this world.


We used to live in Grants Pass, OR, and would get local ones at our Saturday “growers market.” Did you get them at a market or an individual?


I was at the mc cloud mushroom festival. I bought some from a woman selling them at a booth. She said they were picked in the Shasta forest. Some of the best I have ever had.


A local chef got some a few years ago from a forager who got them post-wildfire. Evidently the ash is good for them.


I love cotechino. They made it once at A Cut Above, and then tried it again from this butcher shop that made a fantastic version in Santa Cruz. Wish they would ship!

Now I get it at in Santa Monica.
They have one that takes 20 minutes in boiling water to prepare, and then we pressure cook the lentils for a fast, easy dinner.

We love it with roasted cauliflower. Sorry for bad focus.


This cooked covered at a low boil for 90 minutes and the lentil took 20. And, yay, we have leftovers :slight_smile:


My second pic from above is leftovers. Great as leftovers!


Just had cotechino again tonight. With okra and tomatoes and rice. I know we all hate this term — “MOUTH FEEL” — but that’s a huge part of it. We kept moaning while eating :slight_smile:


Chris is the owner . He is blazing a trail . They called him the sausage maker. I waited for his shop to open in Santa Cruz . It’s a must stop if your in town .