Cotswolds and Edinburgh


We had an American friend who married a Scottish woman and they lived maybe an hour north of London. One of their neighbors was worked at their equivalent of DMV. He took Michae out for a little test drive to see how much he would need to learn to get his license. After just a few minutes he had him pull over, declaring that he was a long, LONG way from being ready :slight_smile:

Vehicle of choice for the native-born :smile:


Yeah, from what we read, it’s sort of the UK equivalent of the Hamptons. Thankfully, aside from simply encountering other tourists, we didn’t bump into any celebrities (that we know of) or their motorcades. :wink:


@paranoidgarliclover did you check out this spot in Stow-on-the-Wold?


What a great article!!! I’m glad I haven’t been there in about 30 years :slight_smile: I’m reminded of a little candy/soap dish I gave a friend decades ago. It read “Nouveau is better than no riche at all.”


No, I didn’t! Drat. Well, it gives me another reason to visit one day. :slight_smile: