Crispy Deep Fried Pork & Chicken Cutlets - Kagura, the Tonkatsu Specialist


Thanks @J_L for that confirmation, very cool! :slight_smile:

Hi @President_Mochi,

That’s good to know, but my friend was saying that the included “Steamed Rice” with each meal was made with that little Kamameshi (not just custom orders), which is pretty neat. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely have to try the Kinoko next time, thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this post. Even though I guess the El Segundo location isn’t as good, I’m going to try it as it’s the closest to my office.


Each branch of Kagura has their speciality. The speciality in the Torrance branch is the Tonkatsu, so it’s worth making the effort to go there. Although it is funny, the original branch of Kagura in Little Tokyo serves a half decent Ramen, so one of the first things you see when you enter the Torrance branch is a sign that says “No Ramen”. LOL!!


I go to Kagura Torrance from my office at the Edge of Playa Vista. I can make it back and forth in good time. However, there is NOTHING like this in the ES/MB area, so it’s worth a shot for a bento style lunch.



Ah, gotcha. That does sound great.



It was too long since we last enjoyed the crispy, delicious Tonkatsu (Deep Fried Pork Cutlet) from Kagura, so it was time for a revisit! :slight_smile:

Chawanmushi + Salad:

Their Steamed Egg Custard (Chawanmushi) and Salad (part of the combination) are fine (same as usual), which is to say, it’s a solid rendition, silky, light, but not has airy and delicate as the best Chawanmushi in town, but as part of a combination meal, it’s fine.

Fillet Katsu Gozen (Deep Fried Black Pork Fillet Cutlet):

Their Gozen / Lunch Set meals arrive with a few small appetizer bites and a Tonjiru Soup. The Pork Broth is tasty and very savory (and it’s bottomless, if you want refills). :wink:

The Fillet Katsu (Cutlet) arrives hot, crispy, slightly crunchy and delicious! :blush:

There was a nice seasoning, but it worked even better when you dab a bit of the Karashi (Japanese Mustard) and some of the Tonkatsu Sauce. :slight_smile:

Mixed Grain Rice:

As before, I love their Mixed Grain Rice as an option. Lightly nutty, fragrant and a nice pairing.

On another visit:

We really can’t get enough of their Onion Dressing! It makes a simple Cabbage Salad into something far more enjoyable. :slight_smile:

Grind It Yourself Sesame Seeds (for the Tonkatsu Sauce):

One of the coolest aspects of Kagura is their complimentary Fresh-Ground Sesame Seeds. They give you a mortar and pestle, and you can grind up the Sesame Seeds which unleashes an incredible fragrant aroma! :blush:

Then sprinkle that on top of your Tonkatsu Sauce and as you dab your Fried Cutlets you get the added, nutty fragrance as well as the delicious fried, crispy Cutlets. :slight_smile:

Premium Loin Katsu (Deep Fried Premium Black Pork Loin Cutlet):

While the Kurobuta (Berkshire Pork) Loin is the leanest cut they offer here, it’s still quite tender and moist, and there’s a tiny bit of a fat cap they keep to give it just a little bite of this luxurious quality with each piece. :wink: It is delicious!

Millefeuille Katsu Gozen (Deep Fried Multi-Layered Sliced Black Pork Loin Cutlet):

Their selection of small appetizer dishes with the Lunch Set today is very tasty. My favorite was the Pickled Cabbage.

And then their Millefeuille Katsu arrives. As before, we really like the thin slices of Kurobuta Pork layered together and then deep-fried. It is incredibly tender and juicy! :heart: It’s now our favorite version of Tonkatsu (probably until I feel like the Fillet Cutlet or Loin Cutlet again). :wink:

Even to this day, Kagura remains L.A.'s best Tonkatsu specialist and the standard to which all other Tonkatsu (Cutlets) are compared to. I’m getting hungry again just writing about this.

1652 Cabrillo Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
Tel: (310) 787-0227


Lunch box set in El Segundo. $18. Good amount of food. Nicely fried crispy tonkatsu loin. Got one very grisly chewy piece. The sides are nice. Good compliment to the salty crunchy pork. Its a little pricy for lunch but a nice treat once a month.