Critique my itinerary


Hello! Going to LA for a romantic weekend. Food being our main draw in addition to great ambience (ambience inportant for dinners, not lunch)
Saturday: lunch at langers (last time was Philippe’s, I didn’t care for it, hubby liked). Dinner at The Little Door
Sunday: brunch at Yardbird. Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but a family friend works there so this is non-negotiable. Maybe suggest certain dishes?
Dinner at AOC
Monday: lunch at Pizzeria Mozza-have never been and want to check it out.

Have not been to any of these and based my selections off of old FTC threads.

Keep in mind it’s this weekend, so places with tough to get reservations are out.

Is this a good plan?


Hi, @MelB5luv! Sounds like a fun weekend to me…I’m a fan of Langer’s, AOC, and MozzaPlex. I love the pizzas that have sausage, potato, or squash blossoms.
Hope you have a great time!


It might help if you told us (1) the type of food you like (2) budget (if any) (3) where you will be staying geographically (i.e. westside versus the valley versus downtown) and (4) maybe where you live or the types of cuisines that are prevalent in your 'hood.


We like all types of food. I am a recovering vegetarian though so weird meat places like animal are out. We are staying in Hollywood at Loews. I’m not super happy about this as I like charming/historic hotels but it was what we could get on the cheap.

Budget for meals is not over $350ish for two with a couple of glasses of wine. This is why I ruled out Providence and the the like


Oh, and where we live is Palm Springs. A veritable food desert. But, when we travel, we like to hit up that area’s best places.
My favorite places to visit food-wise so far are San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver


I don’t know anything about Yardbird, but the rest of the itinerary looks pretty enjoyable to me. Should be VERY easy to stay in your budget.

I’ve only had brunch at Little Next Door, and that was a very long time ago (and thus don’t really recall the food). If you’re looking for a french bistro, Belle Vie might be a good option. I think it’s an appropriate date place (partner actually requested it for his b-day), although I don’t know if I’d call it particularly romantic.


I think little door is quite unmemorable, in its place might I suggest:

  1. Spago; or the Bazaar (both pretty fancy, famous chefs, and high end but since you’re from out of town). Spago is Wolfgang pucks signature LA restaurant and bazaar has fun and playful gastronomic dining under Jose Andres situated at the sls hotel.

  2. Tesse, modern French cuisine and super exceptional service miles ahead of little door; or Republique, also modern French with great wine selection, might be harder to get a reservation, but it’s quite a large restaurant and we were able to get a last minute reservation for 8pm last Saturday, day of. Option 2s suggestions still have remarkable food but without the touristy glitz and glam.

Hope you enjoy your romantic weekend!


Good choices @MelB5luv.

Langer’s - Love me the #19 and that bread!

The Little Door - romantic, tucked away. I haven’t eaten there in a while, but I remember enjoying the duck confit.

Pizzeria Mozza - Aside from the pizzas :heart_eyes: we like the meatballs, chicken wings, lasagna, insalata tricolore, butterscotch budino, meyer lemon gelato pie. This inspired me to post my last visit on the thread simply entitled Pizzeria Mozza. Check it out.

Yardbird - Shouldn’t be too much of a hardship for you. :grin:

A.O.C. - Haven’t been (is that a FTC confession?) but I hear it’s pretty, romantic and the food is delicious.

Have fun!


That’s a pretty great weekend of eating. Only thing I would change is Little Door. Cute ambiance but the food is very pedestrian.

Instead, see if you can get into Republique or Aburiya Raku.


I would try Gjusta for lunch since they have a lot of non meat options even though its not close to your hotel.
2nd @tailbacku go to Republique or Raku instead of Little Door. Both are fantastic.


Instead of The Little Door I would instead look at Papilles Bistro or Le Comptoir or Petrossian

I think AOC is a fine choice but a very safe one. If you want to stretch your culinary horizon a bit, consider Rosaline.


Better eat that Langers early if you dont want to screw up the little door with all the hours of meaty burps in between. nothing really to pick apart in your selections… those are good … .if i had to choose i’d go for some thai food at Pailin instead of Langers… you likely have good pastrami wherever you live. … got a table at mozza already i’m guessing?

hit up some bars as well. drink at Bibo Ergo Sum before/after AOC

should have booked an airbnb apartment instead of a hotel room


if you can eat early i would do republique instead of little door, they have openings at 5:30 this saturday.


Really??? I think you’d like it, although, as @ipsedixit said (not about you specifically), you might find the food a bit safe. It’s not boring or staid, but it’s also not new or innovative. I’ve really enjoyed the 2 meals I’ve had there and would readily go back for more…


I think the food is great but I don’t have a requirement of novelty.


…This. I’ve kept it in mind for that right occasion - family, group, in the mood for romantic al fresco (they supposedly have a nice patio?). But for just the two of us we always seem to choose other places.

Edit: We’re into finding our spots and becoming regulars. The intrepid seeking? Not so much. That’s why we have and love you guys. :hugs: A few of our beloved spots come right from this very group.


I doubt they could get Le Comptoir for this weekend.

The thing about Republique is it’s pretty, but is it cozy or really that romantic? I pick The Little Door for that. But then again I haven’t eaten the food in a long while and the vote on this thread seems to be a unanimous thumbs down, so. Petrossian is an excellent alternative.


Thanks everyone!! Much appreciated! Based on your recommendations, I will switch Little Door. Raku is not open Sunday which is the night I’m looking to book. I like the idea of Bazaar because I really like Chef Jose Andres. But, I thought I’d read mixed reviews? I had kind of written off République because a brief look at pics didn’t look romantic but it sure is getting a lot of love here. So, Bazaar or République?


Prioritize Suzanne Goin. She’s wonderful. There’s an aesthetic to everything she does (Larder at the airport excluded). Just pop in to the bar once and observe while enjoying a lovely cocktail. We like sitting on the cusp of inside and the patio, getting best of both worlds. Hope you’ve been to Lucques.


I too would skip Little Door and would eat at the bar at Spago or Luques (above Bazaar and Republique (though I do love it there)). I suggest the bar at Spago for your Saturday dinner because the food is excellent, it is less formal, you can walk in and the people watching is insane (we eat there once a week). Plus, you can take a stroll around BH before or after you eat.

Don’t forget, Republique is also great for breakfast!!!