CUT by Wolfgang Puck - Dinner (Thoughts / Pics)


CUT in LA is awesome. Maybe my favorite Western-style steakhouse.

CUT in NYC, however, is not. Awesome, or my favorite.


Second this. One of the reasons I like visiting CUT in Vegas is it’s easy to walk right in, ask to be seated at the bar, I order the tartare and the flan, a drink and walk right out. No fuss, no muss. Move on to the next meal.


Hi @ipsedixit,

Aha! Was that your collection of Lamborghinis we saw at CUT then? :wink: Thanks for the warning on NYC’s branch.


No that was Porthos. ipse likes his Italian chariots a trifle bit more Pagani-esque.


Hi -

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special 30 something ounce australian waygu bone in tomahawk and that was delicious,
[/quote]I don’t know much (or anything :slight_smile:) about Australian Wagyu, but that does seem delicious.


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Mastros was really great for about 5 years but was sold:
[/quote]Okay, so there it is. Thanks!




This has been my experience at the Woodland Hills Flemings as well. Went there twice. Poor service, poor execution of food (frozen crab legs in the seafood tower, overcooked steaks). Not a place I plan to return to anytime soon, gift card or not.


Ditto for my experience in the DTLA location. Surprisingly, the La Jolla Fleming’s is a better-run location.


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Oh wow. I believe you guys, but I guess we got lucky. One of our best service experiences in L. A. and I can be an annoyingly tough judge (former waitress).

I just remembered, we also went to the Rancho Mirage locale; another excellent service experience.

That reminds me, we received another gift card for Xmas from the same friend. We are certainly going to use that puppy. I’ll report back; on another thread though (maybe weekend rundown?). Sorry @Chowseeker1999, for funking up your top shelf CUT report with Fleming’s :smirk:.

P.S. Worst chain steakhouse experience? Morton’s (another gift card). Hadn’t realized how much it changed since the Hotel Nikko days.



Outback. Made Sizzler look like L’Escoffier.


Hah! Now that’s one I haven’t been too.


I eat at all ranges in the spectrum - Just so I can post smart-ass replies to the rare FTC prompt…


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I eat at all ranges in the spectrum
[/quote]Me too, just have never been to Outback for some reason.


Try going to the actual Australian outback first - the local wichetty grub are an interesting delicacy - a gooey, almond-y treat!


Would that require going to Australia? :slight_smile:


But… but… what about the Bloomin’ Onion???


know this isn’t LA and directly related…but on the topic of good steak houses on level of CUT…Anyone been to Cowboy Star in East Village downtown San Diego? A+++++


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the Bloomin’ Onion???
[/quote]Oh yes, I wanna’ try that thing.


Warning @TheCookie, it’s like 2,400+ calories LOL :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth: