Date night, your choice!


Cassia my new favorite


Looks to me like Otium is getting a ton of hate on this board.


Cassia is wonderful, but I imagine that it would probably be out of OP’s budget?


What??? Are you new here?


Just a bit. But doable. I’ve been to all of their other spots.


Bryant Ng has only had one other restaurant (although he teamed up w/ the Rustic Canyon people to open Spice Table).

If you don’t mind the drive and can secure a reservation, it’d make a very nice place for date night, IMHO.


Thanks for the suggestion. Probably closer to a birthday dinner type of a night. which will soon come.


T’was a joke, mon frère.


Want to go there soon. Just have wine and steak frites. Sounds perfect. Wine pricing is suspect though. Lincourt for 15/glass is a bit nuts… i get bottles for 15-16 so that’s a quadruple mark-up. Usually around 2.5


No, it’s actually great.

You should strongly consider it for a date night, super romantic setting.


I am almost certain you meant he teamed up with them for Cassia, and only had one other restaurant, The Spice Table…?


Well, I think it’s obvious I would toss my recommendation for them into the hat as well.

But you could also have a truly great time at Odys & Penelope, or Republique.


I really hated my visit to his old place in this same location… garden seating be damned… and he’s just such a slob i’m turned off… but yea i’ll give it a whirl i suppose


Republique has been done. was very good


I agree, I hated the Factory…and I sort of share the same sentiments though.

But Mare is infinitely better than Factory.


Woops, I misread that line, thought you were considering Republique haha

I think if you’re willing to make the drive, you should just go to Hatchet Hall probably.


Yea that’s fine… Probably doing that. Cheers


I’ve enjoyed many a meal at L’Assiette. The soup is amazing. The frites are well done, and for the price, the steak is quite good. I always eat the first serving, and almost never have room for the second serving.


sorry what? multiple servings? :scream:


L’Assiette breaks up their steak frites into two servings, half the steak & fries in serving 1 and an identical serving 2