Date night, your choice!


They want to make sure that your steak frites are always hot and fresh. So round one comes out after the soup. Then as they notice that you’ve finished…they bust out the second round for you. I think it’s a steal considering dinner only costs $25.
FYI, corkage is $20, so if you’re cellaring a fairly good bottle…bring it along. We once brought along a 2004 cab we were cellaring and had it with dinner. We enjoyed it all.


Very smart. It’s always too cold for me later. Plus the people who don’t finish helps their margins


I’m pretty sure you get a double serving regardless. I tend to pick at the frites and eat a couple of bites of the steak…and then I take it home for the next morning so I can fry up some eggs to go with my leftovers.


more and more lately i’m opting to bring my own wine… considering the mark-up, the corkage makes sense… because we spend significant time and effort in finding and cellaring wines we really like so I know i’m going to love it as oppose to just kind of enjoying their options.


leftover steak and eggs in the morning… we can hang… my kind of eater.


Must it be “new”? Cuz…

Chef Sal (from the recently shuttered Il Grano) has “come home” and is now cooking at Marino. The restaurant has been there like forever, but dinner there with Sal in the kitchen may be exactly what you’d like on date night.

Aburiya Raku may be another possibility.


I think it’s raku


Yes, I typed too quick (corrected). I didn’t mean the former Rivabella/bonsai eatery.


Really? Did he take over as the EC or is he just there on certain nights as a special thing?


Sal is cooking with his brother Mario. They are sharing EC duties, AFAIK.


Hmmm, you bring up an interesting point, p.g. clover.
I don’t find all the food @Cassia very pricey. A bar tab can rack it up there quickly, but I think you get a lot of food for the money. At 40 bucks a family of four could practically eat for a week on just the escargot flat bread and laska - and they would gain weight! The salads and the charcouterie are very well priced. OTOH, the pot-au-feu at 46 bucks feels like a bit of a rip-off to me: the short rib has minimal meat at maximal price but the soup is divine.




Thanks. I’ve lived off Melrose for a decade and always wondered what’s up with Marino


Sorry Eric, no hard feelings.


But what’s date night w/o a few drinks? :wink:

Agree, though, that the OP could prob remain in budget if they avoided the big-ticket items and that the more reasonably priced items are not necessarily inferior in terms of taste (and that I’ve also heard from other people that the pot-au-feu is a disappointment). But to have to keep all of that in mind during a date night is sort of a pain. :wink:

@Nemroz: who’s Eric?


I don’t mind spending just when it goes over 2 bills i start getting pissed. Eric is Greenspan. Just making a joke like you’re him.


I have had mixed experiences with Marino. The place is kind of a dump, food is OK, nothing great, but they charge you like your eating at the fucking Taj Mahal.
11 bucks for a side of rapini!


oh fuck off with that, Marino lol. I’ll just go to Osteria Buca if i want italian


Do they still have the display of antipasto up in front?


Have not been for years…