Date night, your choice!


Thanks @CiaoBob. I didn’t order the pot-au-feu at Cassia yet (but was meaning to). I felt the same way you did about Cassia’s Singaporean Crab. At $60 (+ tax/tip), it felt like a ripoff to me and my friends as well. It was a small Crab, with little meat, and I kept thinking about the live Dungeness Crabs at Newport Seafood, or Sea Harbour, etc. which are larger (and you can choose the size of the live Crabs there / pick them out of the tank), and it tasted fresher. IIRC, Newport’s Live Dungeness Crab was $16.95 / pound, and the flavors were tastier.


Dang. I honestly forgot that the Pot Au Feu was that pricey. Maybe because it was worth it. Or maybe because I repressed it to save myself the hurt.

When I went, I split the pot with First Lady Mochi, along the Kon Loh Mee. Maybe another appetizer that I can’t recall at the moment. Oh, and the Vietnamese Coffee Pudding, which was great. Not a huge meal, but we left satisfied. Our main goal was to try the Pot Au Feu, so if you scale back a bit, I think an affordable, solid meal is definitely possible at Cassia.


@President_Mochi, I definitely enjoyed my meal overall at Cassia. :slight_smile: I like Chef Ng’s cooking from Spice Table. Just echoing Ciao Bob’s feelings on certain dishes being a bit pricey and maybe not worth it (in my case the Crab).


Save Odys and Penelope for a visit with your kids. They are very kid friendly. I recently dined there with our 3 and 5 year olds.


Is the steak cooked in butter?


@Thor That’s a great question. I’m not sure what they use to pan-sear it after pulling it out of sous vide. The website doesn’t list how exactly the pan sear it either. So it is safe to say because it’s French that they sear it with butter? I’m not entirely sure.
Anyone else happen to know?


nothing like “ordering carefully” and eschewing beverages to take all the air out of a “date night.”


Kind of failing with an idea for dinner this Friday. Something around here, hollywood, fairfax hopefully. been to most of the known spots… uh. i know i’m missing something (been to lucques, republique, ink, wolf, jon and vinny’s places etc, )… and i’m not giving you much to work with, but if you have a favorite that is popping in your mind, shout it out.



Ktown too far?


Hi @Nemroz,

Hm, in that area… AOC or Norah’s or Connie & Ted’s too far? Or Aburiya Raku.


Thanks. AOC is a very good idea, haven’t been to the new spot yet. Ktown not too far either. L’Assiette was really meh for me aside from the steak.


I go with @Chowseeker1999’s recs of AOC, Aburiya Raku. My husband and I had a very nice time and dinner at Commerson (great service for date night). We also do Gusto for date night. Has anyone been to Drago Ristorante at The Petersen Museum? Reviews have been “overpriced, underwhelming”.


thanks. no, AOC and C&T (been) are right in the area. Norah’s looks great. thanks for that


In ktown we have innumerable kbbq spots, Here’s Looking at You, and Jaragua (for something very different from the usual date-night spot). POT would’ve been a suggestion but afaik it’s gone and the food service now exists for the entire hotel lobby area, rather than in a dedicated restaurant.


Yea we’re Ktown pros, but been wanting to try the two others you mentioned. … pot was meh, but i also think it’s closed.

AOC is the move for this one, thanks guys.

Norah’s is a great one for next time.


A.O.C. Is so romantic and fun this time of year.


yes looking forward to it, obviously a big SG fan


AOC is definitely the move. Beg for a spot on their patio, as it’s really romantic. Their roasted chicken platter with panzanella is always terrific. One of my top five spots in LA fo sho.


We’re going so early that I don’t think it’ll be an issue. Hi


I live very close to Norah and we’ve had very good dinners there but the past two dinners I’ve had have been quite disappointing. It seems like they are trying to get too cute mixing different food types with southern influence like pot pie gnocchi, raw fish mixed with some southern flavors and viet flavors and very basic salads that are bland. I was really disappointed last time we went and our friends weren’t too excited about the meal either.

If you go I would recommend the duck liver mousse, corn bread, and the tagliatelle hand torn pasta. Drinks have always been superb try earl grey buck or vieux carre