Date night, your choice!


Kali or Papilles


The ponte


Really need to go to both of them. Haven’t been to Papilles (been 4 times before that) since the sous chef took over and i have to meet the Somm at Kali.


Thanks for throwing out AOC, made me realize that we’ve neglected it. Was a really fantastic time. Great food, nice chill space, lovely people. Sue G can do no wrong. No idea how we ran that bill up so high but hey


Glad you liked it. What’d you get and what were your favorites? The one time I went for dinner, the arctic char and hanger steak were both fantastic.


we really like everything, the clams over caramelized root veg was gorgeous, wish there were more…

squid over squid ink rice was nice but maybe lest favorite, there wasn’t much flavor at all in the rice itself

papardelle was great and peppery like cacio i pepe

lamb chops were just fantastic with the cashews

as was asparagus over parmigiano mousse with morels

best dish was probably Toby from the Office hanging out behind me trying to ruin everything :slight_smile:

click for pics


So glad you liked AOC! :slight_smile: Sounds like you had a great evening.




2018 Date Spot recos?

Food quality top priority and between west hollywood and maybe downtown but best in mid town. Actually surprised to be considering APL. Booked Chi Spacca because obsessed but hoping for some input.

Edit. A place that I could realistically book for a saturday night in 10 days. Of course I tried Bavel, Felix first.


Osteria mozza
Broken Spanish


Bavel is great and a nice wine list. The som is great with recommendations but go early if you want to hear your date speak. It gets crowded and noisy


Like it loud. Can’t get a res for a saturday.


depends on how fancy your date is…
Republique (would be my choice midtown)
Broken Spanish
Aburiya Raku
Connie & Ted (oysters supposed to be an aphrodisiac)


Thanks! Any others? Been to all of those except for Prov. and don twant Japanese


did you say prawn-star? 10 points!


Wp test kitchen rogue experience at pacific design center.

Haven’t been but I’ve heard good things I’m going tomorrow so will report back.


that’s pretty! not our vibe . at the risk of getting run off this site, when me and her go out to eat we drink loads of wine and eat food… twirls and dots are more in the art category… we did more of that when we didn’t have a kid. now that we do and our dates are so rare, we go full glutton mode lol


APL ribs at majordomo. Sign up to be notified on resy, they’ll release more tables.


If that’s the case I would do republique, bestia, rossoblu , or chi spacca

Also if you are in downtown go to holbox for seafood appetizers and do a bang bang

Kato might be interesting they have a prix dice menu but also ala carte items and also the pop up dinner for bistro lq