December 2017 Weekend Rundown



Is it still considered breakfast if you’re eating in-n-out at 10:30am? #askingforafriend



Sidecar this morning. Because what would you do with a house full of pre-teen girls fresh off a sleepover?


Let the shrieking commence. :slight_smile:




I’ve never wished to be a pre-teen girl until this morning.


What an awesome dad and host!


Pho Quang Trung.

Westminster location. Open 7 days, until midnight. They do a very solid bowl of chicken pho. Got the one with the offal: liver, gizzards, blood cubes, and heart. Yes just one chicken heart, I should have ordered a side bowl of chicken hearts. The dipping sauce could use some more ginger. Big menu here. I like Pho Ga Hai Van and Pho Dakao for chicken pho, but PQT does a solid job and they open late! Pho Lu and Pho 45 also open pretty late. What else is open late in Little Saigon?

Vietnamese Bar Food, usually lots of seafood, usually Vietnamese speaking only, and not much mainstream foodie coverage. 2018 I’ll hit this up. Anyways…

Hit the spot (that’s what she said)


We almost got the same Double Double order, I like both whole grilled and whole raw!!


Primera Taza

I know many of you are west of La Cienega but you gotta make it out here one day for the lonches sandwich and cafe de olla. There is no better coffee and sandwich combo in LA. Return visit and wanted to try the Lonches De Panela but they only have the Lomo. I will gladly eat this again.

That bread. Sourdough from Guadalajara. Probably the only place outside of Mexico that is using this for sandwiches. It truly is a thing of beauty.

The Cafe De Olla. Made the real way. Not like other places who throw in sugar and cinnamon stick into a pot and call it a day. Here they make small batches in a olla (pot).
Easily one of my favorite coffee drinks.

They also have coffee from Oaxaca. Very rare. Not even people in Mexico outside of Oaxaca have access to this.

Check out their IG for when the lonches are available…

Go. Oh you can call to reserve a lonche.


Huh never thought of the lonches as going with coffee as a pairing, they’re good. But the pork is the least interesting thing in them.

You can easily find coffee from Oaxaca in Mexico City btw.


Yes definitely. Should clarify that I didn’t really meant them as a pair like i.e red wine and steak, but more as the 2 best things to get. The barista (not Chuy the owner) said it is pretty rare, but I take your word for it as you seem to travel to Mexico City from your other postings here.

It really is all about that bread!!! So damn good.



Charming little place serving comfort food.

Shrimp and Veggie Tempura.

Futo Maki.


Nice home style comfort food. It’s not going to blow your socks off but it definitely satisfies a certain state of mind (and hunger). Kinda reminds me of Sawtelle Tempura House in a way.

Took a little break to watch the lights come on and the sun to set down. Caught a show at the Planetarium and did not fall asleep!

Got a little something to keep me awake. For…

Rooftop Cinema! Tonight’s feature was Its A Wonderful Life. Jimmy Stewart is excellent and the film is a good reminder to everyone: Your life matters and you make a difference. I really mean that. They are showing it again next Tuesday as well as other Christmas movies including Home Alone (1, 2, 10!!! Buzz’s girlfriend, Woof! Look what you did you little jerk! Your what the French call, les incompetent! Okay enough)

Ruen Pair.

Yes their papaya salad is good and they generally doing other things generally pretty solid to okay.

This place speciality is Thai-Chinese Chiu Chow/Teochew/Chaozhou. Dishes meant to be eaten with Khao Tom (Plain Rice Soup).
The 2 above dishes, Salty Turnip and Egg and Morning Glory with extra garlic go with Khao Tom. The turnip is slightly sweet and to take this dish to the next level use some of the vinegar chiles or hot sauce. The greens are just pure garlicky and savory. Other Chiu Chow dishes here is the Braised Duck or just ask the waitresses for Chiu Chow dishes. Don’t trust the Yelpers and other foodie outlets. For more on this style, Mark Wiens has some blog posts and vids on Thai-Chiu Chow/Khao Tom food.

Come on it’s right across the plaza!

Love the Pandan Custard here! Coconut cakes are okay not as good as Mae Tings or at Wat Thai. The pangchi and fried bananas are tasty too.


Oh Baohaus was at Rooftop Cinema tonight. The seats are comfy and they supply you with blankets. No food and drink on entry. Restrooms are in the lobby.


Do you have to speak Thai to get this to work? Ruen Pair is one of my favorite places to eat, and I’ve heard about the Khao Tom pairings, yet every time I have ever asked for it they refuse to serve it to me. I point to the Khao Tom on the menu (also listed as porridge) and everything. I order the same dishes as you, and that others recommend…but the waitresses always shake their head and tell me no, I can’t order the Khao Tom… :confused:


Re: bhan whatever Thai desserts

I was there yesterday and the coconut cakes were sitting in the cold section. WTF


I order the Khao Tom in Thai. That really is disappointing they won’t let you order it.

Hate to say it maybe they profile you?

It is after all just plain rice boiled in some water. Maybe they think customers have certain expectations in bold and spicy flavors. Forgot to add, all those juices on the plate in the morning glory go really well in the Khao Tom, it is one tasty mouthful especially with some morning glory leaves. Also I wouldn’t order it with crispy pork, just straight up with lots of garlic and sauce. (Yai’s on Hollywood Blvd does the ultimate Crispy Pork!)

Or maybe you came too late and they ran out?

While plain steamed white rice is fine, but these dishes go really well in that plain rice soup.

Maybe something was lost in translation…maybe they thought you wanted Jok? (Porridge is different in that the grains are burst open, making it creamy)

I really don’t know why tbh but I think it sucks that as a paying customer they won’t let you order it and further no explanation as to why.


I avoid them here unless the package is slightly warm.

From your location best to hit up Wat Thai Temple on the weekends. As I and @J_L will tell you, those coconut cakes are so good when they are hot!


Ruen Pair

Okay I was able to look at the menu online and find more Chiu Chow-Thai dishes. And kinda make out what the waitress said were Chiu Chow dishes…

“Jap Chai”. I think goes by “Salty Cabbage” here. Or just say Jap Chai because the waitress herself said they have Jap Chai.

Duck Stew/Duck Feet Stew/Pork Intestine Stew. Chiu Chow style braise. No Goose though!

Black Egg and Basil

Pork sautéed with mushroom, green onion, and oyster sauce

Ground Pork and Chinese Olives

Under soups, any with “salty vegetable”

And probably more that I am missing.

Something I notice no one was eating sticky rice with the papaya salad. All that papaya juice goes to waste =(


I feel like it is probably racial profiling of some sort…but I’m not sure why they possibly would do such a thing. Besides pointing at the menu, I also pointed at a bowl of Khao Tom that a Thai couple had with their meal a few tables over from me once, so I’m pretty sure they weren’t out of it. I feel like I’ve only seen Thai people there with bowls of Khao Tom…and that might be because most of the other people are too busy ordering pad thai and pad se ew…but I’ve been there many times and ordered most of their menu, and my favorite dishes are even Chiu Chow dishes! :frowning:

I would accept the Jok explanation except for the fact that I was pointing to the Khao Tom on their own menu.

It sucks because we have the same two favorite dishes (morning glory + salty turnip and egg).

It also seems like it would be great with the pork and chinese olives, and perhaps also the clams in mild spicy mint sauce.



yeah the warm/fresh ones next to LAX-C were a revelation.