December 2018 Weekend Rundown


Our friends live in that part of Downey and we find ourselves at Class 302 a lot. I thought I was the only one who thought the medium has a tad more kick than usual. I’m the only one game enough for medium…the rest of those chickens won’t touch it. Haven’t been to any other branch in a while, so I can’t compare. Thanks for letting me know that my taste buds aren’t faulty.


I would never have thought to describe nori as “tender” and that being a good thing. Enlighten me please.


Cheap nori usually is chewy. I order a lot of SPAM musubi and a lot of places use cheaper nori which is a disaster as you do not eat it in one bite much like a hand roll. Better quality nori usually is more tender in tensile strength. One can easily eat the musubi without the nori becoming a nuisance as far as the rice and SPAM spilling out when taking a bite.

Musubi Monster in Orange, for instance, uses a cheaper nori sheet and it becomes a disaster. Shakas in Monterey Park and Musubi Mama use better quality nori to where you can take a bite without compromising the structural integrity of the musubi.

Usually good nori is crisp but tender to the bite and can most often make a perfect bite mark. Great nori will seemingly melt apart in your mouth. Crap nori is like a rubber band.


thanks for that - makes sense


Shuck Oyster Bar (Costa Mesa)

All from the Island Creek farm in Duxbury…my favorite!


Taco Maria for lunch:

Quesadilla de Championes: queso Oaxaca, oyster mushroom, epazote cream


HiroNori Craft Ramen (Irvine)
This was a fail. The tonkotsu broth was way salty…like a salt lick. The corn and bamboo slices only mildly helped. The chashu is sous vide and then charred for color. Mine was so charred, I considered it burned and bitter. The only positive is that their egg is spot on, but I didn’t like how it was not sliced in half at delivery. I have no idea why this joint is so crowded and popular. Not going to let my friend pick lunch next time.


Damn…maybe I should have done a bang-bang with Shuck.


Ugh. That’s too bad. I tried the Long Beach location a month or so ago and had the complete opposite experience. That or my palate is shit. :sweat_smile:


I like that Quesadilla better than the tacos.

Give me that, the scallop aguachile and I am a happy guy.

With a coffee from Portola and dessert at ST, I be even more happy guy.


Funny you mention it, @thechez5. I wrote a review mentioning it, and the business contacted me direct. They recognized that I did indeed get a salty batch, and unfortunately they weren’t aware while I was there. They apologized and offered to make it right. While I appreciate it, I’m partially terrified to return.
Your palate is likely spot on. I’m just surprised no one in the kitchen was on QC to make sure each pot is consistent.


Starting the weekend right! Kubota Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo… My God that was good, @beefnoguy.


Hi @J_L,

Nice! Where did you get this from? Looks like it’s limited edition. :slight_smile:


@J_L hahaha #YOLO , well done! Tasted this twice before, good stuff! I’d probably prefer Katsuyama Diamond Akatsuki over the Tsugu, personal preference (the box of the Diamond is sexier looking than Tsugu’s).

My weekend started with these :sweat_smile::

Katafune Junmai Daiginjo Genshu (apertif)

1.8L Denshu Tokubetsu Junmai (for the rest of the meal)


Beef knife-cut noodles (half-tendon) in soup, Northern Cafe (in Monterey Park): A soulful bowl which does proud the Northern Chinese tradition… Light but deep broth (not spicy; this is not Taiwanese niu rou mian), perfect Q on the widely-cut noodles, meltingly thin slices of beef, turnips, garnished with cilantro. Just beautiful cold weather fare (well, as cold as the weather gets here in L.A., at least).


I’ve always wondered if there’s a shorter English equivalent of Q. Any idea?


Love the Northern Cafe in MP

Spicy Chicken and Cut Noodle - yummy!

Pan Fried Dumplings (with surrounding fried “slurry” that @Jerome used to write about in the distant chowhound past)


Quick L.A. trip. Started with Pann’s. Wings and waffle with scrambled eggs and the best counter service.

Partner had the fajita omelette

Mom’s birthday dinner at MB Post. Excellent meal and perhaps my best bite of 2018: the diver scallops. The rasisin butter, pickled grapes, and saba resulted in such a complex flavor (details in the menu image). My mom, who ordered the same, was not in agreement, finding the preparation too salty.

Bacon and cheddar buttermilk biscuits with maple butter

Charcuterie platter with house made ricotta and cabacero de iberico

Blue lake green beans (not my favorite)

Broccoflower (also not my favorite)

Meatballs and polenta. Delicious

Scallops. Incredible

Blue crab gnocchi. Only had a bite. Quite rich. My brother devoured it

French fries were wonderful

I told our server it was my mom’s birthday and she brought a dessert on the house. Caramel soft serve with dulce de leche cake and candied pecans. Salty and sweet, and so thoughtful.

MB Post was lively, loud, and packed, but it was a festive atmosphere for the occasion.

Today, fish and chips in San Pedro at Pappy’s Seafood. Housemade sauces were standouts. Tender flakey fish in a well-fried beer batter. Fries just OK.


Forgot the menu images


In which space? Don’t tell me - The old Musashiya space on Gayley, across the street from Northern Cafe, right?!