Deep Fried Turkeys?


We used to know a guy with a fryer. We’d buy 'em and he’d fry 'em. Not no more. Do you eat 'em? Do you know where to get 'em?


I would’ve said Bludso’s (original location). Kevin Bludso fries up Turkeys to order every year. But sadly, they are closed this year. :frowning:


Just saw that. I recently saw something about them remodeling? Restaurants are a tough business. Oh well…


I asked this last year, and received this response. I didn’t have time to try the place out, but plan on it this year.


There is that deep fried turkey place in compton. Forget the name. Supposed to be the ish. Can ask my BIL if no one knows, he loves the place.


Hi - I looked at @attran99’s post from last year and online. It’s probably Loreto’s Fried Turkeys in Compton. I was asking for my brother, who’s a little on the late freight. Wish him luck. Thanks!



I was thinking about the drippings too. It’s actually for my brother. But if I end up getting one too I’ll probably roast a small chicken for the gravy. I love biscuits & gravy.

Happy :turkey: Day!


@TheCookie I need gravy in my life. Can’t do a holiday dinner without it.


Smoky Freds BBQ in Orange has both smoked and deep fried turkeys