Destroyer (Culver City): A Pictorial Essay


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I literally LMAO when I read this.


I had lunch at Destroyer last week and loved it. It’s so pretty and minimalist, as you can see from @J_L’s photos. The low counter was nice, it allows one to see the whole kitchen area and also feels more welcoming, as though there is no barrier between you and the staff. Very inviting, I hope it becomes a trend.

Very hipster, but not the bearded kind. The guys next to me, wearing ironic t-shirts and True Religon jeans, discussed the Marvel universe and science fiction books pretty much their entire meal. Adorable techie geeks.

I didn’t read the food descriptions on the wall-projected menu thoroughly, I wanted to approach the food without preconceived notions.

roasted tomatoes, gooseberries, almond curds, verbena

So pretty.

The bright yellow seems like onions, and the orange discs were my favorite part, turns out they are pickled gooseberries. There were tiny black-eyed peas and something creamy, like a cross between ricotta and barrata; it was almond cream. Such a lovely dish, there was a gorgeous balance between the components. Best thing I’ve tasted in a very long time, subtle and textural and unexpected.

Concord grape, warm potato, frozen cream

Once again, so pretty.

Not knowing what I was getting, I thought it was blueberries and a pudding under the snow. The pudding I couldn’t put my finger on, I thought it was maybe yucca starch? It was potatoes. That threw me for a loop. :slight_smile: The Concord grapes were juicy and flavorful, very unique tasting, I’m not sure how they were prepared. The snow wasn’t super-finely grated, but in dreamy little chunks. Excellent dessert, not sweet at all.

I want to eat there every day.


Nice photos, nice post!


Baroo’s pretentious cousin. Statement from the chef:

Destroyer is a response to, and a reflection of the ‘conjunctive
points’, best known for transforming the Hayden Tract community in
Culver City. It was created as a collective resolution to bring about
social change in the community. By filling a very literal hunger, this
project will use the ‘neighborhood cafe’ as a platform to bring various
artists and creatives together.


Wow - this Hayden tract is the tale of two cities. I have to wonder if the author of this statement knows the neighborhood of which he speaks?

This area is comprised of once-warehouses to now-studios and high rent offices. But the surrounding residential neighborhoods are low to middle income. I seriously doubt this cafe represents or draws many of the actual residents who have toughed it through some pretty tough times in this neighborhood.


Hi @Bookwich -

I like your review. It’s cool you did not read descriptions first. (I like not knowing what a movie is about). Didn’t realize menu was projected. Their website has cool features too.

Your and J_L’s pictures and descriptions make the food and space seem excellent. I want to go when on that side of town.

I have to agree w/@robert a bit. But not enough to deter. Curious, have either of you been to Baroo? A comparison would be interesting.



This restaurant thread is bringing out the smarty pants. I like these conversations. Thanks @J_L.


@robert I like earnest people, however misguided.

@TheCookie I have not tried Baroo, I’m up in the air about whether it’s worth the trek.


So how is Baroo pretentious? I have talked to Chef Uh very early on, and found him to be a total food geek, Interested in fusing his heritage with his western culinary training. Other considerations such as the business side are just tangential.


Rewording the highlighted statement presents the same meaning of what I read it as:

The pretentious cousin of Baroo.


I think he’s saying Kahn is pretentious not baroo.




Baroo’s not pretentious at all and the chef seems very humble. I was going to say that Bookwich’s photos reminded me of Baroo, but that difference seemed noteworthy.


Just downed a beer - J_L made me do it…


Ahh, I read it the wrong way, obviously.


Parking at 9:30 on a Monday morning is pretty challenging.


Very smooth. Maybe higher than average caffeine content because my cranium was buzzing more than usual. Very nice.

caramelized onion financier, creme fraiche

Tasty. But a bit intimidating in volume as I had another dish coming as well. Super cool counter person told me I could handle both. Which I did. Having said that, one of these would have been sufficient.

avocado confit, toasted country bread

Half of an unripe avocado in a bath of slightly acidic green liquid with brown crunchy bits on top with some slices of bread on the side. I just didn’t get this at all. I think it’s style preference. For lack of a better term, I have not really enjoyed thoroughly meals that are sort of comparable to what was once termed as “new nordic” in style. This reminded me of dishes that I had at Noma, Relae, Coi, Girasol, and even Red Medicine that left me flummoxed. Well styled, but didn’t really delivered much on the palate.

If I happened to be in the neighborhood, I would certainly drop my for some coffee. I’m glad my curiosity led me there, but I’m probably not going to return.


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