Destroyer (Culver City): A Pictorial Essay


having recently, fortunately, partaken of said nordic cookery, i can say
i totes dug it.


Cool. I’d like to hear (read) about it. Or would you prefer to continue hiding your light under a bushel?


I originally started this post back in Destroyer’s opening week. I now no longer have enough tragic facial hair to fit in the door there.


No worries, no one would dare assume your gender there :slight_smile:


3 days later, I have the same runny nose as the hostess at Destroyer… I would like to think it’s a coincidence, but I haven’t been around anyone else that’s sick to my knowledge.

Should I write to them and let them know I would happily pay 50% for more their food if they would give their employees sick leave?

Perhaps if enough people expressed that sentiment it would be a communal step in the right direction?


Word of the day: Fomite.


[quote=“J_L, post:127, topic:4311”]
[/quote]Of course I had to look that up.


Seems legit

Jordan Kahn's new restaurant Vespertine - Spring 2017 / Culver City

Und now is the time on Sprockets ven vee dance…


Is that suppose to be similar to what Rick Owens did.


Hilarious. Is this serious or are they parodying themselves? Like Chef’s Table.


It’s from tooth pix


Oh great… another excuse to goof off. I so wish you hadn’t turned me on this. I’m already on the Heat parody.


I think that parody of themselves kind of reveals the true hidden dark side of it. Even cornflakes look profound shot in such a style, so it makes one wonder if the food really is as magical as it seems at the places they cover, of if it is their brilliant packaging that always does the selling…


Hah! Someone should start a thread critiquing Chef’s Table restaurants. Unfortunately it won’t be me. Too bad @Porthos is not still with us.


I didn’t get it. Though, in fairness, it may have been an off day.

Loved Red Medicine and was really looking forward to trying Destroyer. Headed over there on a rainy Tuesday, hoping to beat the crowds.

Started with the beef tartare, which looked and sounded delicious in the menu description and online reports. Unfortunately, it seems I got a modified version that did not work for me at all.

You can see they used radicchio instead of radishes. There also was a grain(?) component I wasn’t expecting that overwhelmed the meat. The smoked egg cream tasted like plain old mayonnaise. The dish was crying out for a hit of acid, which the pickled mushrooms were presumably supposed to provide. They did not.

I also ordered the frozen peas, which were similarly disappointing. The peas themselves were fresh and crisp, which I love. But the frozen cream added nothing except visual appeal, and there were no gooseberries I could discern. Felt like I got the Ned Flanders special: a bowl of ice milk with peas.

Adding insult to injury, I was done eating by the time my lunch mates’ orders of chicken confit came out. It seemed like the kitchen was having a problem with this dish because I noticed several other people experienced similar delays. Also, the chicken portion was smaller than others have reported.

As I say, it seemed like the place was having an off day. Like they were unprepared for the number of people who would show up on a rainy day and just got overwhelmed.

Regardless, I felt like the items I ordered would be better as shared appetizers or sides on a dinner menu. The tartare was too small a portion to be lunch by itself. The peas were a huge portion, but too one note to be a satisfying lunch. The two together was too much food for me.

I wish more of the dishes were the portion size of the chicken confit. Alternatively, I would suggest folks do what @President_Mochi did and split several different dishes among friends.


roasted cauliflower, poached egg, black garlic, chicken skin: interesting and a good combination of flavors (including a warm buttermilk sauce), though they roast the whole cauliflower, outer leaves, stem, etc. and some parts were pretty fibrous.

Frozen peas were interesting but didn’t come together as a dish for me.

L.A. restaurants that you wouldn't return to . And why?

You made it to the Westside! To one of my favorite lunch places, no less.


I like the Museum of Jurassic Technology.


I am very happy people are expanding the definition of “Westside” finally!