Destroyer (Culver City): A Pictorial Essay


? Where are you from again?


West Hollywood =D


For the record, they now have stainless flatware.



All this talk of Vespertine and Kahn on the other thread made me hunger, so off I went to Destroyer.

rice porridge,caramelized broccoli,puffed rice,burnt onion 13

This was so good! More of a risotto than a porridge, and when you sliced up the onion and mix it in with the broccoli and toasted seaweed, it is very good. I didn’t detect any puffed rice, and it was so salty I could only take a few bites. I hope the saltiness was an aberration, because this could be my new favorite thing there.

beets,pumpkin seed butter,blackberry,horseradish cream 11

It tasted like peanut butter and beets. Not recommended.

They have pretty new bowls, and the crowd at peak lunchtime is incredibly annoying.


Second visit the morning. Counter staff emphatically recommend the avocado. Just rolled with it despite my less than stellar experience last time:

Luckily, the avocado was perfectly ripe and the oil was well seasoned (used the crusts if my bread to sop it up). The onion crust was flavorful. Much improved

Staff also recommended the blueberry dish:

Interesting mix of fruit, dried currants, lime zest, and cream. It take a few bites to get into it as it did not draw me right in immediately.

Cappuccino not pictured was really nice.

Although I had a much better experience, this is not food that will find myself craving. I’ll still see myself gravitating towards places like Breakfast by Salts Cure or Sycamore Kitchen when I get the itch for this sort of meal. Made me feel a little less apprehensive about the Vespertine compound across the street, which was rather pretty to look at in the morning sun.