Devastated that Bourdain died


One of the few New Yorkers of Status who truly saw Los Angeles as more than Hollywood and the beach. Opened up a lot of people to the world outside their own bubble.


I may eat at Sizzler’s today in his honor.


Hard to find a Sizzler’s anymore.


Burbank, Chatsworth, Palmdale, Canyon Country, Koreatown =D

The Chatsworth one actually just opened up in 2016 or 2017.


When I worked in the area I frequented one on Vermont in Koreatown, but that was years ago.


Heartbroken. Just so sad.

Found the Sizzler it (pasted below) and it made me both happy and, yup, sad. Sigh.


We have a Sizzler here in Lake Forest. I remember, while watching those two, feeling that they were making it OK for me to enjoy whatever I enjoy, whenever I can. I don’t know if we’ll ever know exactly why Bourdain did this but, right now, it just feels like a total waste of enormous talent.


Culver City.


Also La Mirada, Garden Grove/Westminster, and Hemet.


And Fountain Valley.


Los Feliz.


Don’t click for details if you don’t want em.

evidently Eric Ripert found his body. JFC

source is J. Gold’s incredibly nice piece:


This just makes it more incredibly heartbreaking.


how ironic; i had no idea and i was reading nasty bits this afternoon.

and i think there’s a sizzler in eagle rock.

EDIT: i have since discovered that this was an apparent suicide. that ups the news on the tragic scale by a geometric factor.




i saw that as well. i’m ready to entertain conspiracy theories about how he was set up to look like he took his own life. maybe he insulted france once too often or something… seriously, i just find it difficult to assimilate.


You made yelp look over its shoulder.


And I cannot imagine how the food world is going to cope with this gaping Bourdain-shaped hole — not at its center but on its fringes, looking exactly like a man throwing rocks at the status quo.


I just keep thinking that he lived larger than life. We were all envious.


Am I crazy to consider this? Or perhaps I just can’t fathom his suicide and thus Alex Jones of all people has me pondering his conspiracy on this?