Devastated that Bourdain died


I won’t read this crazy person.


In-N-Out and Popeyes too…


I am open for many different opinions on many discussions but somebody who brings up that asshole (who still says things like Sandy Hook was a hoax amongs many other things) should just be banned from this site


Perhaps @MR.YUMYUM could just delete that post.


I wouldn’t go that far. Because where does it end? But seeing his name on a thread about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide is just wrong, wrong… Wrong!


He also loved the orange glow mac & cheese from KFC.


If anyone wants to believe Alex Jones they are entitled to do so. Me? I wouldn’t was the time reading that article past the headline.


You know? I think @Midlife is right, Tony Bourdain made it OK to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy. It was always OK actually - he just made it cool.


It’s Food Talk not Conspiracy Talk. There are outlets if you choose to discuss his suicide as a conspiracy.

I’ve had a few days to reflect a little on Anthony Bourdain, a very interesting and complex man. I can’t remember which holiday it was but the Travel Channel showed just about every episode of No Reservations. I binged watched for hours because I was hooked. This Bourdain guy, fearless in his travels and eating. A man who loved a bowl of noodles and flat out said,”Chinese cuisine is the Mother of all cuisine.” Wow. A guy on television is giving respect to Asian food.

I think I seen every No Reservations, Layover, Cooks Tour, and Parts Uninown episodes. Of all of them I love him in No Reservations. He seems so filled with life in comparison to his last few years of Parts Unknown. I loved his dark humor, something I can relate to, and something that is essential to keep my sanity in my professional life. He really inspires me to travel, explore, experience different neighborhoods, people, cultures, and countries that differ from my own. To go outside of my comfort zone. It’s easy to stay in the bubble. While I love for example his No Reservations Hong Kong episode because I know the food was going to be good but I really enjoyed most is seeing Bourdain outside of his own big city bubble. People, ideas, and experiences that challenge him. Isn’t that how we grow as individuals?

We will never know the real reason he committed suicide.


From reddit

  1. Photographs were published of Asia and her boytoy 28-yr-old journalist holding hands and hugging.

  2. Asia responded with a “screw everyone” t shirt on Instagram.

  3. Anthony Bourdain took his life.

  4. The photographer pulled the photos of Asia and her boytoy journalist.

  5. Asia deleted her “screw everyone” Instagram post.


Do you read tabloids?


That sounds right. Sadly.

I been been thinking/speculating it was either

  • something with Argento
  • some kind of guilt around a drug relapse
  • bad diagnosis

He’s been looking so druggy (or sickie thin), though do I know I lot of middle aged guys who emaciate when they hook up with a younger woman.


Why do you care why he did it? Again, is that a tabloid’ish voyeruism?


To add to this, except for his family, friends, business associates, etc. it’s his life that we’re talking about not his death. Right?


I feel like a lot of people on this board don’t understand how depression works or what it does to a person. Please stop listening to bullshit tabloids, garbage conspiracy theorist assholes who put people’s lives at risk (his fans sent death threats to Sandy Hook parents, “Pizzagate”, etc.), and making assumptions. Surely FTC is better than that.


Plus “sources” say “he was overworked and exhausted”. What the hell? Take a nap, take a hiatus, stop adding more jobs to your resume. You have a choice and death shouldn’t be one of them.

P.S. When I read he was getting a divorce and going with Asia Argento I thought “Uh oh”. She didn’t seem like a healthy choice for a guy like him.


My sister said the same thing a couple months ago. I remember thinking “there is no way he is eating all that food with a stomach that looks like that. Something’s off”. But I never imagined…


You’re right. It’s depression plain and simple. I think we’re talking about triggers.


Interesting. Why the emaciating?


It could be that. But, given the outpouring of emotion on the Board, though, I think a lot of people are just trying to make some sense about a person for whom they feel/felt very strongly and a horrible and very unexpected tragic event (it’d be different, I imagine, if he had died slowly from, let’s say, cancer). We all express and work through our grief differently.