Devastated that Bourdain died


:hugs: Okay, take it easy. You actually prove my point. They’re usually rebounds.

It’s not advisable to get too wordy on a subject, especially with this being a food board. But it’s great when someone questions or disputes your opinion then you can expand.

My point is when you leave a long term relationship which was obviously taxing or you want freedom or whatever - you want to have fun, not get too serious. The obvious choice is someone younger. And yes, sometimes you marry that person. But statistically it rarely works out. Your references are different, you’re in different stages in life, the younger person changes as they grow. Most men I know who did this ended up marrying women closer to their age. I might get killed for this example, but my hubby’s post divorce (pre-me) girlfriend was a fitness trainer in her 20s who barely spoke English. Sounds nice, right? But he wasn’t dumb enough (yes I said dumb enough) to take it serious and neither was she (smart girl). However :slight_smile: he blames me for that relationship because I wouldn’t go out with him. Yeah right dude.


Oki-dog, I think.


he hated oki-dog and started questioning Gold’s taste. LOL


seems to me the truly dedicated will find a warthog rectum to consume. that episode along with his commentary made me a bourdain fan for life. later he revealed that that scene resulted in a massive intestinal infection requiring six weeks of antibiotics. ohhhhhh man.


Although I appreciate the sentiment and would be in awe of someone who did partake in warthog anus, my dedication does not go that far.


I appreciated how he enjoyed meals in people’s homes or as part of the village celebration. He tried everything they offered because he understood that most dishes were delicacies that they wouldn’t normally cook for themselves…always wanting to put their best foot forward for the cameras. He never turned anything down despite the consequences he or the crew might incur later. That’s a statesman for you.


If well cleaned why is it any ‘worse’ then pig intestine? (I admit I didn’t see that show so maybe they answer that question.)


It…was not well-cleaned


One of the most memorable for me was a scene in, I think Baja. He watched with excitement as an iguana was butchered and transformed. Dutifully ate his portion of the home made tamale con iguana and mimed his appreciation to the lovely cook.

Later, out of earshot of the tamale maker, he said something like “WORSE thing I’ve ever put in my mouth”!!! Regardless of liking or disliking the food, he was still all grace and genuine appreciation to his Mexican hosts.

Lesson on how not to be an ugly American.


Asia Argento is slightly older than Ottavia Busia, and given her personal history, probably comes across as 10-20 years older.


I recall that well.
He was wonderful.




i believe he described it at varying times as being either half-heartedly or indifferently cleaned. of course, you can’t hear the tone of voice being used as he phrases it which ups the angst level by a geometric factor.


The warthog intestine looked pretty full of warthog shit to me.


I’d rather have the wild boar intestines from Tampopo.


We did once get some pig intestine that was a teensy bit “funky.” So I shudder to think. Shiver.


You might look at this woman and think ‘too thin’ but she’s “ripped.” Solid as a rock and fit…at 40+


Both decades younger.


I’m not sure I know the point of this.


Me neither. I loved this guy. He just didn’t strike me as the domestic type.