Dialogue - Santa Monica


To me, that’s gorgeous. Looking forward to my dinner tonight.




so this fancypants place gets its ‘tableware’ from Crate and Barrel, just like every other suburban yuppie.

I think every single one of my friends/relatives who got married registered there.


CB2 is Crate & Barrel’s answer to Design Within Reach. There are around 15 CB2 locations vs. 170 C&B.


Cheaper at target


I’m going with a loaf of bread


Looks great (lovely pictures). How much?


Tickets for the first two weeks of dinners will be released at 10 a.m. on August 15 via Resy priced between $175 and $205, not including tax. There are two wine pairing options priced between $125 to $175. Beran describes Dialogue as a “no-tipping” restaurant, meaning the meal and wine pairings will only have tax added onto them.


seems reasonable given the no tipping model.


All said and done (supplements, pairings, etc.), my meal there in the neighborhood of $515.

EDIT: I had a brain fart. The $515 was my Vespertine bill, not for Dialogue. My actual Dialogue bill came out to somewhere just north of $350. My bad.


Matches Vespertine’s $1000 ( = 1 oz platinum ) per couple.

(Jeez, Darwin, you’ve become such a schnorrer as of late…)


Dinner + Mixed Pairing came out to about $350.


$195 - $222pp all-in depending on day and time.


That’s a lot lower than the numbers above: no wine?


Food, service, and tax, no wine.


Went last night. Pre-payment for my ticket was $198.45 sans wine. Really enjoyed myself. No need to post pics as my meal was identical to that of @PorkyBelly – lots of veg with a few bites of protein here and there that were executed wonderfully; nice and frequent acid hits that did not destroy my palate; not a lot of starch or simple carbs and I really didn’t miss them at all. Chef Beran and staff were super cool and funny as hell. Ann might be my favorite FOH person of the year. I’d love to return when the season changes and see what appears.


I think it was plenty for somebody with a normal appetite, the only reason why I didn’t bang it out at Uovo afterwards was because I had a pizza and breadsticks for a late-lunch.


my friend got it and she thought it was excellent.


Booked for this month. Seems like they’re doing just ok looking at what reservations are still available. I imagine many are waiting on some more reviews, Gold first and foremost. I think the tepid (and plain awful) Vespertine reviews could actually help Dialogue…low bar to overcome to be viewed in a positive light, and not much else recently to compare it to.


Based on what you guys have seen, is the mixed pairing or wine pairing more interesting?