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that’s the idea behind the lengthier tasting menus, but i’ve hit critical mass on more than a few of them, and that was back when i could still really put it away. i mean, i could still eat, but the motivation just wasn’'t there after a hour and a half or so.

there were some meals where i could still get up and enjoy a relative active evening, and there were others where all i wanted to do was go lie down and hope i didn’t hit any bumps on the ride home.

and finally, if there’s only one of you, it’s not realistic to expect you to eat 8-10 orders by yourself when 8-10 orders might be sufficient for a party of four.


yeah, but you won’t try as many different items - unless you deliberately order it something to try it but leave most of it. it’d be like eating a 32 oz wagyu porterhouse. i mean, if my life depended on it, i could probably finish it, but i’d stop enjoying it after 8 oz. max. i might as well be injecting all that extra fat directly into my bloodstream.


Nope. Unless "taking longer’ means leaving the restaurant and walking around for an hour or so. If a salad comes with a meal, I’ll take a couple of bites and then put it aside to have with the rest of the meal. Otherwise I’m just too full.


Went to Sea Harbour for dim sum the other day, good but didn’t live up to the hype.

The best thing we had was a steamed dumpling with shrimp, dry scallop, chive, and celery, new to me and delicious. If everything had been on that level it would have been a great meal.

Spare ribs were excellent-quality pork.

Radish cake was good and different, steamed rather than fried, thicker than usual, nice with the dried shrimp.

Rice roll with BBQ pork was just OK.

Spicy cucumber was not as good as other places I’ve had it.

Pickled radish (?) was a bit bland and sweet but had a great texture.

First Time in LA

Hi @robert,

Thanks for the report back. Were there other dishes you ordered, or just the ones you listed?

Yah, I don’t think I’ve ever ordered Pickled Radish or Spicy Cucumbers for Dim Sum before (and not at Sea Harbour). Good to know about their version.


That’s all we got, if it had been more exciting we’d have ordered more but instead we ate the rest of lunch at Spicy BBQ.

I always order some simple vegetables with my dim sum.


Hi @robert,

Ah I see. Yah, I think if you were able to order more of their classics and staples, it might’ve been a more enjoyable lunch. Thanks again for the tip on their Cucumbers and Radish.




Definitely a case of user-error.

Like going to Langer’s and ordering the Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Dim sum (late 2017): Best overall
Dim sum (late 2017): Best overall
First Time in LA

Or going to Jitlada and ordering the pad Thai. God who does that.


Just had a really good meal at Sea Harbour! Only one miss, though my dining companion still deems it the best dim sum he’s ever had in LA. The sole “miss” dish was his doing, too :laughing:

This review is going to be abbreviated via emoji…

  1. Baked Mix Mushroom Custard Tart :+1::+1::+1:

  2. Deep Fried Spring Roll :+1::+1:

  3. Fish Roes with Scallop Dumpling :+1::+1::+1:

  4. Poached Spinach on Top with Minced Beef :+1::+1:

  5. Mung Bean Noodle with Spicy Sauce :-1:

  6. Jellyfish with GongCai :+1:

  7. Thai Style Tofu with Chicken Broth :+1::+1::+1:

  8. Steamed Rice Noodle with BBQ Pork :+1::+1::+1:


Nice report. Glad you enjoyed your Dim Sum at Sea Harbour @strongoxman. :slight_smile:


Why the thumbs down on the mung bean noodle? :slight_smile:


Isn’t that mung bean noodle dish un-Cantonese? Seems more like a Best Noodle or Szechwan Impression dish (hint hint).

I’ve noticed that a lot of the fails at these dim sum houses (and other places as well) are on dishes that don’t jive with the region/culture from which an eatery 's cuisine is based on. XLB screams, “DO NOT ORDER ME HERE!!!” at a dim sum place.




It was mild in flavor and lacked dimension, but for me it sucked from a logistical perspective: even with a careful, steady hand, picking up the wide, flat noodles with chopsticks would cause them to violently throw bright red oil all around them, onto the tablecloth, clothing, etc. While I somehow managed to avoid getting any of it on me, it was just far too messy and reckless of a dish for dim sum, IMO.

Instead, having the chili oil on the side for dipping would have been a much better execution.


I would love to co-sign all this, but I can’t–I definitely agree that XLB at dim sum is a huge no-no at any of the places I’ve attempted to order it, but the least Cantonese-style dish we had was actually our favorite: the Thai Style Tofu with Chicken Broth. This dish was done extremely well. :heart_eyes:


Foiled again…:triumph:


Maybe we can look at it as “the exception that proves the rule”? :wink: