Dim Sum in LA


It’s not as good or as varied as the best places in San Gabriel, but Shanghai Rose in Studio City has surprisingly good dim sum options. I particularly like the seafood dim sum – the har gow, crispy shrimp, and crab dumplings. They have large pieces of seafood. The prices are higher than at a lot of San Gabriel places, so there is some sticker shock, but that’s the trade-off of not having to drive to Monterey Park or Rosemead.


Yup, for our Valley denizens, Shanghai Rose is indeed a very good option. Comes from a solid pedigree, too.


There’s a dim sum hut style place that’s opening up next to Hoy Ka. Could be good, could be awful…


Thanks man. Oh those words are fucking Chinese for take our or to go ???


My mother would say that so often growing up… Still does. ::sigh::


Translate for you : I want oven fresh egg tarts to go. Thank You"


I have to dissent regarding Shanghai Rose – literally one of the worst meals I’ve ever had in LA or the Valley. I don’t know if it was an off night or what, but the food was so bad that it bordered on farce. I usually give places more than one chance, but that was a one and done for me…


Well it’s the only dim sum place for miles so if I lived around the corner and didn’t want to drive quite a distance, you’d see me there once in a while since it passes the test of decency. But Mrs. Chandavkl would kill me if I tried to go back.


And after dim sum at King Hua, you can go to Fosselman’s for ice cream!

Not formal, but not to be underestimated either.



I’d probably just wait for you guys at Fosselman’s.


Ipse -

That’s dandy.

The hubster and I will meet you at Fosselman’s for ice cream, or Grand Central Market (for ice cream or smoked fish) anytime. Just let us know : )


Good to know!


If Fosselman’s made egg tart ice cream, I think I might just move in with them.


hey can i come too, for the GCM part of the excursion ???

and that ain’t no fucking joke.


The pumpkin ice cream makes a great sundae this time of year.


at $3.95 an item this is a pretty ambitious undertaking IMO.


I’m with you Savour: King Hua is my first choice! We have tried most of the others and King Hua is consistently great.
Their dumpling selection is not as extensive as some others, but everything they serve is fresh and hot. I particularly like their King Hua coconut buns.


Oh those coconut buns.

Worth buying extra at the very beginning, in case they sell out!


How about some fucking egg tarts ???


My current dim sum rankings in the L.A. Metro area (and yes that includes the SGV):

5— Elite - Recent downhill slide left me with an unusually greasy experience there. But it’s still a tad better than the carts at 888.

4— J Zhou Oriental Cuisine (OK all you Asian-American Studies majors out there - Isn’t the word “Oriental” going out of vogue? Since like 1985?) - Tried this last week. The starches tasted too coarse. The food at J Zhou, while pretty good, is missing a “delicate-ness” which I feel is imperative for great dim sum. There were some hits, though: The durian mochi was superb. The warm silken tofu with ginger broth was slurp-alicious.

3— China Red - A bit limited in menu scope. Why can’t they make every other menu item there as delicious as their Portuguese egg tart?

2— King Hua - Solid execution, on every single visit, in their core business. Walking distance to Fosselman’s is a bonus.

1— Sea Harbour - Still the Emperor (not the king - That would be King Hua).

(Honorable mentions: Empress Harbor, 888, Capital Seafood)