Dim Sum in LA


Portuguese eggs tart still fucking great from China Red if I grab then to go ???


Yeah, but they’re best eaten when hot.


I’m definitely eat them right as I’m leaving the fucking joint.


Must not have tried the house special seafood dumplings or the sea cucumber soup dumplings. Those things are as delicate as can get! :wink:


Actually I DID order them.

I don’t know… Maybe Sergio wasn’t cooking that day. Those dishes just did not hit a home run with me. Not even a walk-off single.


Whaaat?! I love them because they’re so juicy every time and so different from what every other dim sum place in town is serving.

I guess our sushi preferences align but not our dim sum preferences! :wink:


Who’s Sergio ???


are the two dumplings you referred to pork and red meat free ?

Thanks man.


you could stick them under your arm on the drive home.


Lamar Odom could say that more clearly than kevin


Cambridge still had a section on “Oriental Studies” when I was there in 1999. :frowning: I think immigrants are less sensitive to the word “Oriental” than are Asian-Americans…

On a food-related note, I think I’m going to try China Red for my next dim sum outing, since a good friend who lives dim sum lives relatively close by. What else do you recommend beside the egg tart?

@CiaoBob: too soon, CB, too soon… :frowning:


#27 - Crisp Cream Yam Bun. Even more spectacular than the excellent egg tart IMO

Pic source: Kevineats. Thanks Kev!


where’s the menu from ???

it looks fucking dope.


China Red


I don’t think I’ve had that b/f! Sounds good…


At China Red, my greatest weaknesses (and there are many) are the sweet cream buns, egg tarts (both varieties), sugar cakes, and because a person cannot live on sweets alone, the deep-fried prawn rolls as well as the chiu-chow dumplings.


now what are chiu-chow dumplings ???


Omg. Excellent selections. Thx.


Great to see you here Liu


An out-of-towner’s ranking:

  1. Sea Harbour

  2. Elite (though haven’t eaten there in more than a year)

  3. Lunasia/China Red

  4. King Hua*

Haven’t yet been to Shanghai #1 for dim sum; haven’t been to the old-school cart places in years.

*Odd: even though I’ve listed this as 5 it gets converted to 4. when I post or save the edit.