Dim Sum recs in SF?


A recent article by @chandavkl has me craving some dim sum in SF. We’ve been to Hakkasan, Hong Kong Flower Lounge, and Hong Kong Lounge II.

What are some other great places to try in SF proper? Bonus points for places that are especially clean (Mom was traumatized after learning Hong Kong Lounge II got a bad score from the health department lol).


Dragon beaux. Pork belly. Full stop.


I had never looked at it on a map. 21st and Geary is a straight shot on the 38 Geary bus.


Yank Sing.

Crystal Jade is not a dim sum place, but the dim sum platter is excellent.

Not in SF, but Pacific Lighthouse in Alameda is worth a detour.


Hi @Bigmouth,

Definitely Dragon Beaux. Here are my pics and thoughts. My favorite Dim Sum in the U.S., by far! :slight_smile:


Lai Hong Lounge


Capturing a little random history I looked up: Ton Kiang started at 683 Broadway. They had another location at 3148 Geary near Spruce and a third, the remaining location, at 5821 Geary, Judging from the liquor licenses, it’s still owned by the same family.


One of these days I want to go back and see if their 梅菜扣肉 is still the best.