Dinner at Bulgarini


To clarify Fromm, the interior eating space is a large high top table with bar stools (no backs) in a kitchen with lots of equipment and sharp edges.

More to come from either me or Ipse on the FTC dinner and will try to make as inclusive as possible. After all, Leo is a family man.


That’s right. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having my kid in that space with a large crowd. Too much going on.
I just didn’t want to turn others off from giving Bulgarini a try at some other time, even if they have kids. It is a high top and I suppose sharp items are present somewhere, but if your kid can sit still on a stool you’ll be fine on a regular night. I wouldn’t characterize the space as dangerous. We ate right next to Leo’s kid last time.


I don’t think Bulgarini is kid-friendly, at least for pasta (for gelato, different story).


I’ll put it this way, I’m very much looking forward to the experience without the kid.

And am also looking forward to the next time I take the kiddo, but I’m decidedly less excited for that than my next adults-only session.


My kiddo really enjoyed it.


Your Tuscan soup maybe Ribollita but that’s usually much thicker with loads of beans


It was ribolitta. Had the same night as Jeet. As good as the ribollita at Da Delfina in Artimino. Plenty of beans and plenty thick. The quality of the olive oil that topped the soup was amazing. The Tuscans might die a little knowing this Roman can do the dish this well.


Delicious report @JeetKuneBao!


are they doing lunch for the pastas? or only dinner. Love to drop by during my lunch break


Hi @Clayfu,

We’ve seen that Leo opens up randomly in the afternoon, unfortunately. I think it’s due to the slow business in the Altadena area during the day. :frowning:

So I’d recommend calling ahead (day before perhaps), or day of, and making sure someone’s picking up the phone.

If you tell Leo you’re definitely interested in lunch / certain hour, he’d probably make sure to open the store on time.