Dinner Near El Rey/Busby's East


I meant Stalking horse. Didn’t try?


I haven’t been to stalking horse–but if you haven’t been back, I imagine that I don’t need to go…


Oh i got confused with myself i think. Yea when i went beer was fine but guest taps only. I’m sure theirs is serviceable but nothing mind blowing. Both spots pricey as expected.


I may have to work on Sunday (we’re finishing up a big book)—if I do, I’m gonna pop in on the way home and check out 6th/La brea even though they don’t have their brewing up and running yet. I’ll let ya know…


I’m targeting next Thursday as my first beer in a few weeks.


Hey fellow food chums! I went to this 6th and La Brea place last night. Real spiffy! Good drinking food, fun to eat at, superb for the peeps who don’t eat meat! (I do, but even despite that we ordered all veg stuff because it was the most interesting!)

And the GM gave me a free bottle of great rose because I pointed out that they charged me $50 for a bottle that is listed as $40 on their menu. I didn’t ask to have them correct it cause, you know, it’s just $10, but it’s tough to find a spot open past 10 PM in this town, so I didn’t want them to get hit by a bunch of those negative nancy Yelpers in their opening period.

Thanks folks!


Sorry, I’m having trouble figuring out which place you’re talking about.
Where is this?


the address is the name “6th and La Brea


New brewhouse. Just opened.


Ah! Thank you, friend!
The chef has some nice bona fides. Looks good!


Thanks for the initial report! When I drove by tonight @ 10:30 there were quite a few peeps out on the patio so hopefully they’re off to a good start. What did you get?


Yes. I told them it’s great that they are open past 10 pm since they are just about the only restaurant in that area that is. The fact that they were pretty full at 10 when we went indicates that a lot of people agree with me.

We just had the cauliflower, Japanese sweet potatoes, mochi “gnocchi” and black kale salad. Plus matcha cake and strawberries and mascarpone pudding with honey and raspberries for dessert.

My dinner guests thought it was spectacular, though the black kale might’ve been massaged a bit more.




hey wait a minute. the menu is all veg!


Gotta keep it kosher in the ‘chood!


they eat plenty of meat over there… i go a lot haha


I hear you . . . it gets complicated is alls I’m sayin’.
Look up the term “pareve” and you’ll get a taste of it.
If you’re opening a restaurant serving Israeli food in the 'chood, you might decide it’s worth it to draw a line in the kashrut sand, so to speak.
You might notice, for instance, that Nagila has a pizzeria and a “meating place.” They can’t serve dairy and meat from the same kitchen and still be certified kosher.

Hasiba seems to be keeping to only pareve foods, which are considered neutral. They don’t seem to be certified kosher, but maybe keeping to pareve foods makes a difference for some people in the area.


oh i see… the kosher mafia is somehow able to exert their rules onto whole neighborhoods whether you’re a kosher place or not? gangstas they are… they can take their food restrictions and shovel them as my uncle says. Or is it the business thinking they’ll do better within the pareve rules?


Pretty sure it’s this, but I’m just speculating.
I’ll ask next time I’m in. I honestly didn’t notice they were veg only (+ eggs) until you pointed it out.

Now, once you commit to being certified kosher, that’s when shit gets weird as fuck.
All sorts of rules about how to clean prep surfaces, when to light cooking flames, who can light cooking flames . . . it goes on and on.


I go to taeem a lot and it’s always funny when the priest sends his strong man to collect the weekly fee. it’s freaking soprano’s jersey