Dinner near LAX


they definitely had good fried chicken 25 years ago.

the only dishes of theirs that i would bet on today are the german pancake and the apple pancake.


I’ve this same dilemma on Thursday afternoon. I’m coming from Norwalk on the 105W, and I need to make a pick-up at 4:30PM-ish. I think I’m torn between Coni’Seafood or Fishing With Dynamite…though Truxton’s or In-N-Out may be the safer choice because I can’t hit the freeway until after 2:30PM. I will likely have my 11-year-old as company.


Chubby Rice is in the area as well for well made gringo chinese.


The Ramen Joint is next by Truxton’s. And Equelecua Cuban Cafe is also close by.


Sorry, @liq. You lost me at Vegan/Vegetarian Cuban cuisine.


Marlin tacos at Coni’Seafood…I’ve been missing out all these years…so so good!


Shhh… Don’t be telling the world about that place. :slight_smile:

But seriously, as good as the food is there, the service is also Italian style (AKA you’re expected to chat with each other for up to 15-30 minutes from one course to the next).


Grimaldi’s for a real NYC style pie! On Rosecrans in El Segundo.


Had some time so we drove down the street to Chubby Rice. Is this considered a bang-bang?
General Tso’s Chicken with Chinese Sausage fried rice and vegetables

Fried pork chop sandwich with tater tots

This place is amazing! I wish this was in my neighborhood, so I can come more often. I can’t believe all the sauces are also housemade…the aji with the fried rice and tater tots were superb. I liked the house Sriracha, too…and the cola sauce was a nice contrast to the spices in the fried pork chop sandwich. Everything tasted great and wasn’t super oily like regular Chinese take-out.


that is def a ‘bang-bang’! Love that sandwich at Chubby rice too`


[quote=“attran99, post:47, topic:4350”]
Marlin tacos at Coni’Seafood…I’ve been missing out all these years…
[/quote]Oh yumm… Me too. They’ll be at Tacolandia, but I doubt they’ll have that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot to post our visit to Grimaldi’s a few weeks ago. We ordered two pizzas and a kale salad. Didn’t get a pic of the salad, but as much as some rail against kale, this was a solid salad.

I think this is, “The Don.” Pretty generous on the toppings. This was classic pizza done well and very enjoyable.

This was a build-your-own with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes on pesto sauce. I didn’t like this - not Grimaldi’s fault - orderer’s over-ambition. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

A decent amount of doneness underneath, but was expecting more.

The space here is quite large, the patio area has potential as long as Rosecrans traffic is moderate, and service was excellent.


Did you ask for it “New York style” or “well done”? A server told me those are the magic words and it’s always worked for me.


I know nothing of New York pizza culture other than they think we suck and they rule… But I will note this for next time. Thanks.


The space was packed for dinners when first opened, but it’s settled down now. My wife works in the area and she says they are busy during lunch, makes sense with all the offices. I like that there’s easy parking in the attached structure.



Unfortunately, many Californians expect blonde pizza crust and will complain it’s “burned” if there’s too much char. It’s a variation of the same problem ethnic places have with “too spicy.”


Funny. I had remembered hearing this, and so when we went, I asked to get it “New York style.” The server blankly stared back at me and said, “It’s all New York style.” rekt


D’oh! Try “well done” next time. Point being, they won’t bring the real char unless you ask.


That looks like the perfect amount of char for a NY pie. They are to me the closest to a NY pie I have found here in L.A.

I like it charred more at times also. Yeah, I would try explaining what you are looking for and they’ll do it.

Damn, those toppings and pies look so good. I have been low carb for 3 months and I am dying here. THANKS !! LOL!


Sorry. I’ve been pulling back on my carbs as well (probably not nearly as much as you/as much as I should). It felt really good to have a couple of slices. Brought home quite a bit - let the youngins have the lion’s share.