Dinnertime, what are you eating?


Oh wow :astonished:. Now where did you say you live? :grin:.

Ummm… I think this thread is sticking @Bookwich.


santa cruz


Lovely. Could you send us some rain? And possibly that meal? Very rustic.


That is one of the best “what I’m cooking” photos ever. It’s like medieval food, love it.


What a beautiful meal and table. You have exceeded taste in friends. :slight_smile:


Tell me about it. Her table was beautiful - Ralph Lauren and Horchow settings. Super down-to-earth couple though. I love my little neighborhood. Such a mixed bag of folks.


The tasty weekend dinners continue…

Howlin’ Ray’s Nashville Hot Chicken - Chinatown


We got the rain! Thanks!


Can’t use the “It’s too hot to cook” excuse anymore… for now anyway. Lugged out the Le Creuset for the first one-pot meal of the season.

Red beans, chicken breast, quinoa, bag of kale salad, half a pouch of bayou magic, homemade chicken broth or stock maybe? (still don’t have that one down). When I say homemade I mean the carcass of a leftover Wholefoods roasted chicken simmered in water w/herbs & spices. Served w/crostini & garlic aioli (meaning veganaise w/crushed garlic)


It’s broth, and your soup looks amazing. Enough for all us too, yes? :slight_smile:


I thought about you when I put the kale in.