Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN


I would be all over that. I always got the impression DoTM was supposed to be fairly affordable. But I’m game. Oh and don’t get me wrong, I love lobster & butter too.


Within the set theme, all price ranges are fair game.


Yeah, I don’t know if I’ve ever given much thought to a pick being potentially pricey. And, if it is, that just should inspire more creativity to find affordable and inventive versions. :slight_smile:


I’d imagine a “black truffle DotM” wouldn’t be as effective due to high barrier to entry. but lobster is probably low-brow enough.


Yes, I get that you can go as high or low priced as you like. I’m newish. But it seemed to me that you guys/gals picked foods or dishes that could be had for a reasonable price. I wasn’t sure if that was a rule. But it’s all good with me.


No photos, but just returned from Gelson’s where I bought their Chicken Strips (crispy and big breast pieces) and their Chicken Romano breast from the larder. I cut up both for salad and pasta, throughout the weekend. Yum.

This is my guilty pleasure/confession - I am addicted to chicken strips from Gelson’s (and the sesame ones at Whole Foods), dipped in vegan blue cheese dressing.

Whole Foods has an already seasoned selection of chicken breast that I also buy often, the panko-coconut is my favorite. Easy to cook up and serve with sautéed broccoli or spinach/garlic. also Yum.


Cilantro yoghurt chicken taco (with green harissa and pickled onions added) at Revolutionario.


Buil Samye Tang in K-town

small chicken stuffed with rice and other goodies. the #1 at $13.99 includes ginseng.

last month we hit Pho Ga Bac-Ninh with two different types of noodles with chicken

and back in december, Hot Star (taiwanese fried chicken)

and a snack at p p pop


What’s the flavor profile of the buil samye tang?


The ginseng flavor was milder than expected. Broth stops short of being bland; hence the pot of salt. I liked the sticky rice & sweet potato; chicken is very tender. Stay away from the one with abalone added. It is tough and chewy and the broth is unpleasant.


not knowing for sure what you mean by flavor profile, i would describe the dish as a cross between a consomme, a porridge and a fricasee; the whole chicken is to be consumed, and as you free the rice from the confines of the chicken, the starch in the rice inside melds with the remaining broth to not quite porridge, but a step above rice soup.

as mentioned in a previous post, you are provided with a small dish of salt to taste. i actually used my dish to dip/season my chicken as i worked the meat off the bone. and added salt only sparingly to the bowl. i’m not sure what the additional (and unknown) ingredients added to the flavor. two of our party actually added a bit of the juice from the spicy banchan. (EDIT: i understand some folks like to do this with sul lang tang (beef soup) as well)

(the banchan is not particularly varied, but what they serve balanced the soup quite nicely. but i was the only one who ate of the gizzard banchan.) the marinade for the cabbage banchan was something i couldn’t get enough of; unlike the marinade for the spicy daikon banchan, the cabbage marinade had an acidity that made the mixture sing, you could put that stuff on shredded cardboard and i’d eat it. and the staff is dutiful about replenishing when you run low.

more than anything else, this dish is a serious comfort meal, and that’s what i remember taking away most from lunch yesterday. i came in sniffling & sneezing, and i felt a lot better afterwards.


Popeyes Louisiana Fried Chicken
Notice the cracklins on top of those red beans & rice.

This is for show. I mostly only eat the red beans & rice with the cracklins’ on top.

I feel terrible. But I’m the designated babysitter for Super Bowl MMXVII. I’ll be chasing 2 six year-olds and a dog around the backyard all day. That’s gotta’ burn off most of it… right?

@CiaoBob, they were playing the elevator version of zydeco music.


I love Pok Pok’s wings…



Guilty pleasure: General Tso’s chicken from China Buffet in Torrance (on PCH & Madison).


shoyu chicken ramen

Ramen Joint (Westchester)
6220 W 87th St
Los Angeles, CA


this looks amazing!


It is. There’s also a location in Santa Ana just north of South Coast Plaza.


Spicy chicken sandwich at Birdie’s in DTLA. People seem to love their donuts too but I much prefer their chicken sandwiches.


It’s soo good. We get it at least twice a week. The sides are just mediocre, though.