Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN



Chicken Maison!!

Skip the food at South Coast Plaza and head to Maison! Or the beef tongue specialist at Mitsuwa


Unless you’re in the mood for XLB…


Agreed. I’ve really wanted to like the donuts, but they just aren’t that good for the price.
The chicken sandwich is really good. Crispy, moist, spicy.


Side spicy hummus to dip steamed veggies in.

Healthy and tasty.


Smoked chicken sandwich.
The Cannibal, Butcher Shop, Culver City.


don’t ask me why, but the monday lunch special at steer & ale in pasadena for only $8.99, including soup/salad & choice of ice cream/pudding for dessert. i still have leftover chicken in the fridge.


Should we take that to mean that you don’t recommend this place…?


The wonderful Wood Spoon Chicken Pot Pie


if it had been bad, i would have left it; it was more about the fact that i couldn’t finish it - and i have a pretty good appetite.


Chicken wings
Cannibal, Culver City


Looks yum. How were they?


My friend said they were meaty and the skin was crisp. Ate the whole $8 happy hour plate very quickly, so I’m guessing they were good. :slight_smile:


I have eaten a ton of Happy Hour plates (quickly), that were not good at all…just sayin’.
That said, I do have a great deal of respect for the Cannibal’s HO.


Yeh, think we’ve all done that once. Or twice. :wink:

But there was much other food and these got blitzed first.


I am surprised I haven’t seen any picks of barbecued , or grilled chicken over coals or wood . I know it’s raining out . Just want to see some dreamy pics of that bbq or grilled chicken . Any happening ? So ready for Spring .:poultry_leg:


Brick Chicken at Local Kitchen and Wine Bar is the MF Bomb
Mentioned by @ipsedixit here Brick Chicken

Loved everything about the place;maybe the nicest staff to serve – and cook – for me, since my Grandma died.


[quote=“TheCookie, post:52, topic:5052”]
How were they?
[/quote] [quote=“Bookwich, post:53, topic:5052”]
My friend said they were meaty and the skin was crisp.
[/quote]I should have remembered you’re not a lover of chicken meat :flushed:. But speaking as a bona fide chicken junky, they look spot on delicious. You’re a real trooper btw.


The Halal Guys (Cerritos)
The chicken plate is my favorite thing here. Spiced and cooked well, it’s solid…except for the fact that the portions are way less at this new location than the Long Beach location that I usually frequent. Lots of white sauce and 2 lines of hot sauce is the way to go.
The India Restaurant (Artesia)
Chicken curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Tandoori chicken…all solid. Sauces are well developed. My only complaint is that the spicy level is tampered down here…a kick of heat would elevate all the dishes to the next level. But it’s a decent lunch buffet option for a co-worker lunch out. Service was really good, though…water and garlic naan refills just magically appeared.


One can see why your expectations would be high…

It’s still early. We may not reach these heights :kissing_smiling_eyes:. But give us time.