Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN


The remains of the chicken yakitori from Sushi King SaMo. It was simply okay (I think the sushi, miso seabass, and tempura were all better).


courtesy of recently opened yunnan regional specialist yu ming:

crossing the bridge noodles: separate bowls/plates containing broth, meat (including chicken), vegetables & noodles were brought to the table, and summarily combined before i could take a pic. sigh

a quick stir:

and a spicy chicken version of the noodle soup

both soups had chewy rice noodles. my companion liked the place more than i.


No doubt my fav chicken dish is the dark meat Beckerman at Dan Tana’s. Brick chicken at Sotto is great too. Surprisingly, the roast 1/2 chicken at La Scala is pretty good (everything else there sucks).


Bale Valley why can’t I quit you.

Forgot to take a pic so here’s one from last time.


Yes, yes… and yes. And don’t ever be afraid to share your love of La Scala. For some of us - meaning me and mine :blush: - it will always be a sentimental favorite.



Damn forgot, again!
Our friends picked up some Jollibee (because of some stupid sappy FB ad that’s been floating around) to appease the Jollibee craving. The brought two buckets of fried chicken (which was better than I remembered), mashed potatoes, gravy (which I used to dip the chicken in), the hot dog spaghetti (which was surprisingly good because it wasn’t as sickeningly sweet as I remembered from my last visit about a dozen years ago), and some mango-peach hand pies (more mango than peach). I supplied rotisserie chicken, chicken rice, potato salad, salsa and tortillas from my local Juan’s Rotisserie Chicken (formerly a Juan Pollo). It was chicken-palooza. It worked well for us and all of the kids we had.
And then there were cocktails and wine that I had ready for the troops when they arrived…a pleasant evening had by all.


One Night In Little Tokyo, and yes there is Chicken involved.

I can’t quit you now!!! Brokewallet Bookshelf starring me and me (come on now). They got quite the selection of food books but I come here for samurai and philosophy books. Spotted another Jiro book, not the small little one, this new one looked really good, white cover, newly translated. Moving on…

For the record I never went to Kokekokko and this place Torigoya is not the same from what I understand. (The chef bounced to Japan).

So it’s a Chicken Yakitori place. Got the 10 piece.

There is off menu stuff. No chicken booty unfortunately for tonight. The chef could be holding back on me, maybe the next visit he will show me some chicken ass.


Chicken Boobs. Juicy.

Gizzard. Not bad, kinda chewy.

Not the biggest fan of liver, just like I am not a fan of a Muay Thai and Taekwondo double simultaneous kick to the testicles while fighting off a Grizzly Bear from The Revenant with a broken toothpick while knee deep in warthog shit, was that necessary to say all that?


The Chicken Hearts!! Get it get it. Wonderful glaze.




Neck! Also very good. Off Menu

That chicken soup is certainly better than any Grandmas chicken soup.

Blue Whale for some jazz!!! First time ever and I had a wonderful time!
LOL some of the audience looking and acting all stiff, I am guessing those fools stand like a Etruscan Statue at The Getty when “California Love” and “Nuthing But A G Thang” come on at a party. More cheesy than Korean Corn Cheese dipped in crushed Cheetos drowned in Nacho Cheese Fries from Carnitas Michoacán on North Broadway (real G’s know this).

Met this cool dude named Gary at the counter at Suehiro. Knows his stuff!
We hold similar views on Pok Pok/Andy Ricker unsuccessful attempt in LA, dude were you smoking Thai Sticks or something and didn’t realize that LA has a big Thai community for decades and we been eating Khao Soi since Z Cavaricci’s jeans and Genera Hypercolor shirts were in style? I dun walked Hollywood x Western in LA Gear Lights, Andy!
We also lamented on Jonathan Gold and how most of his reviews were pinky up bougie ass Tiffany scented shit(my words obvi!) at The Times vs his stuff at The Weekly. Gave me a sushi rec. Great chatting with you! That is one of the best parts about late night dining! Oh Yelpers/Yelp, we both concluded it is only good for the pics!

I sacrifice my usual Hayashi Rice with Egg (get it!!) to get a mediocre Oyakodon just for the Chicken theme.

Oh the Lyft driver…God Bless His Heart and thank you for getting me home safe, even though you would stop suddenly on the freeway or street when I tell you it’s okay keep going straight in your native language


Epic. LMAO!!! :+1:


Feels a touch overblown. Gold covered tons of more expensive places at the Weekly. He rarely covers places which are purely style and no substance, which seems to me to be what “bougie” usually connotes… recently at the Times he has reviewed Kobee, Niroj, the Tsujita expansion, Legendary Restaurant, and Delicious Food Corner. He also frequently writes listicles such as where to eat for Chinese New Year, where to get Korean noodles, his favorite spots for spicy food, and a holiday tamale crawl where he reps tons of smaller restaurants of the non-bougie type…

Or do you truly consider everywhere he writes about bougie? I guess I’d like to know what the heck qualifies as non-bougie if so.


What do you think of the Ludo Bird ? I was watching Mind Of A Chef . Apparrantely he has a spot in the LA Kings center serving up these chicken sandwiches . They looked pretty good on TV . But that goes without saying the truth . Any good ?


I thought they were very good. Chicken was juicy and coating was crisp. Herbs and salt on top were a nice addition.

Best quality non luxury box stadium conscession I have tried for sure.


There’s a truck and another brick and mortar location at CityWalk. I’ve eaten from the truck and it’s a solid fried chicken. The crisp exterior and the herbs really make it…and the side of Bearnaise works well, too. I love the fresh slaw that comes with the chicken…there’s a bit of jalapeno heat that’s quite nice.


I still need to try Ludo at Staples. My hockey friend likes the beef dip sandwiches so we always hit that up after the 2nd.

Usually eat before a Kings game though.



They’re OK to pretty good.


Taking some liberty here in posting chicken not from Los Angeles, but I don’t return to L.A. until next month so this as close to participation as I’ll get in February’s Dish of the Month (and I’ve seen threads drift much farther afield :smirk_cat:)

Jerk Chicken from Scotchies in Kingston:

All trip photos here, including more chicken dishes!:


indifferent pho ga (it was banh mi che cali but took advantage of the buy one second half off)

spicy fried chicken from tasty dumpling house (why they kept the name after being bought out and doing shanghai-ese cuisine, i can’t explain) which was quite good


Just in time for Chicken month, Mon Petit Poulet has opened. Lincoln in Venice, from Paris.


Post-Costco, driving up Lincoln on Sunday, I noted out of the corner of my eye that it appeared open. Good to know.


Gele mountain chicken from Best Noodle House (see brief review under Feb rundown):