Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN


What do Dominique Ansel’s cronuts, Leo Bulgarini’s pistachio gelato, and les haricots verts at Mon Petit Poulet have in common?

They have each become the “Holy Grail” of menu items.

May you find what you seek in your quest, my friends…


we tried the chicken at best noodle house in rosemead

the picture of just the peppers looks disconcertingly similar.


i should mention that i had a similar dish at tasty dumpling house last friday that was less expensive and had more chicken in it.


We were hungry and the West LA Zankou was right there. It did its job.


Raise ya one.

El Pollo Loco 3-Piece Deal (Dark Meat)

And no, I didn’t eat it, my elderly neighbor asked me to get it for her, because she really likes it.

And really? It’s inexpensive, juicy and flavorful, with lemon and herbs. Crispy skin and tender meat. It don’t need to be fancy to be good. :slight_smile:


actually, i ate at el pollo loco tonight. but i didn’t take pics.


But it’s chicken month, wth?


I actually don’t mind El Pollo Loco at all. Good price, decent quality.


Del taco chicken soft taco, 3 packets of del scorcho. $1.


I used to love those soft tacos as a teen… :smiley:


what can i say?


Unexpectedly ended up in L.A. and stopped by Tajrish Persian Cuisine for lunch to-go yesterday. No photos, but I had the fesenjan, chicken in a sauce made of walnuts, onion, and pomegranate. Rich and flavorful, served with a pile of basmati rice. Skinless, bone-in chicken (breast and thigh) was nice and moist.


I love lunch at Maple Block. Any time is great, but it feels like such a better deal at lunch.

And that chicken is some of the best I’ve had. I don’t love the white mayo-y sauce it comes with and actually probably even prefer it without any of their sauces. There’s such a great smokey flavor. The chicken I had this weekend probably wasn’t as great as some of the other times I’ve been to Maple Block, but even then, I thought it was still pretty dang solid.


[quote=“President_Mochi, post:85, topic:5052”]
Roasted Spuds are really divine as they are cooked in the dripping chicken fat.

This is what I’m looking forward to.
[/quote]I know. I love that.


You’re a crack up!


It’s a chalkboard special that’s definitely available for dinner! Their last day in business is this Saturday (March 4th) - Gotta hit it up before then…


Too bad. I wonder how packed it will be. I know I’m in Sushi School, but I still love things like tuna tartare w/wonton chips, and that chicken looks amazing.


I would not be too worried about that – packed has never been 2117’s problem.


Haha… funny :sweat_smile:


A bit late but A Frame AYCE chicken.