Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- FEBRUARY 2017 -- CHICKEN


so no guarantee huh? i would be pretty bummed if I called ahead and they decided not to make it.


Yeah I was uh…not thrilled at that response. But when I checked in for our table they acknowledged the preorder right away.


Where is this again? I’m too lazy to search for your OP. Thanks


embassy kitchen


Thank you.


With descriptions like that who needs pictures! I hope they work on turning those baby potatoes into toasty roasty chicken fat orbs.


Why, thank you sir.


Holy wow! :kissing_closed_eyes: Where does that come from?


Never mind @Ns1. I should have scrolled down. It looks so good!


Parents pulled the Ol’ Going To The Restroom BRB But Really Paying The Check Maneuver.


Ahhh the reverse bathroom trick


Your check-fu is weak. I find your lack of filial piety disturbing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or he has assimilated properly into the cultural norms, pretty soon he’ll move back home. :grin:


And, now, closed.


with nary a lament