Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS


Hi @Bigmouth -

What is this new and wonderful thing? I love mayo and also lemony stuff. So together? :star_struck: I must find this wonderfulness. But here’s a phobe for you - no bernaise for me, because tarragon makes me angry.

P.S. I’m with your dad. Before I eat anything I ask myself ‘Could I put mayo on this?’


I must be Russian.


or Chilean. Strangely they’re #2 in the world (according to my faulty memory)


They’re great for soothing puffy eyes and calming skin.

I hope this picture didn’t wreck your day :blush:.


I have Swedish relatives who introduced me to mayo on french fries. :yum:


How British.



…To make up for going of topic.

Beverly Glen Deli / Bel Air-ish

Patty Melt

This was for my biz partner. He was patient enough to let me take a picture, so I didn’t push it by asking for a bite. He said it was good, but he’s not too discerning (except no sandwich meat, salads without chicken or spicy things :roll_eyes:). Too me the proportions are off (I like thinner patties on my melt) and it looks kinda’ dry and not cheesy enough.

Bison Burger

I had low expectations for this - buffalo can be dry. Too bad the picture isn’t good. It was delicious. Juicy, just the right amount of gaminess and a nice bun. :kissing_heart:


Cassell’s double burger with bacon and cheese


I really wanna’ try a Cassell’s burger!


This is why Miracle Whip rocks. As well as tartar sauce.


Totally with you re tartar sauce, can’t cosign on the Miracle Whip. The sweetness makes me gag.


Visually it looks like that cow died twice.


It’s good, but not as good as the OG Cassell’s. On the upside they have beer and fries. I’d say it’s a couple more bucks than it needs to be for what it is. Although that patty melt that @JeetKuneBao posted in the weekend thread looks really good and I think I’ll have to walk over there and give that a shot soon.


Dang it… I like OG goodness. But I have been on the hunt for a good Patty Melt and IIRC @JeetKuneBao is a good Patty Melt finder.


Me too. But folks retire and sell their businesses and things change.

It’s still a tasty burger, just a couple bucks more in a “modern”/retro/semi-hipster space vs the old school cafeteria set up where you moved your tray down the line and watched the guys cook your burger and added your own toppings from the chilled trays.


For a classic patty melt, Nickel Diner is a pretty solid bet.

For a walk on the wild side, Chef Taymor does a good version at Alma (on English Muffins if you ask).

But really, just go to Apple Pan (off menu Patty Melt) and get it paired with some banana cream pie.


Stop it. Now, I miss the place and never even went there.


Great recs. Thanks!


Yes… I like Mayo but only on certain sandwiches. Don’t like it on burgers, but a rare roast beef and cheddar sandwich or a ham and swiss? Yum!


As a kid, I thought it was a heavenly treat to have fried fish fillets with as much tartar sauce as I wanted. I must have coated my fillets entirely in tartar sauce before eating.