Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS


I dip my tartar sauce in tartar sauce. Just to make sure all those diced pickles are properly ensconced in sauce.


No pic, but had the Patty Melt at Pann’s. Side order of crispy hash browns, sunny side egg and two fried chicken wings.

The melt was just as good as usual, cooked to medium rare as requested, although they were stingy with my usual extra onions request.

Hashbrowns were crisped well with the soft properly cooked interior. The crust on the wings could have been better.


Dammit, you’re going to make me want to go to McDonald’s tomorrow to grab a fish sandwich and ask for extra sauce.


No better way to celebrate Friday. Oh, and add a breakfast hash brown to that bad boy.


Mayo might possibly have been invented with a ham & swiss cheese sandwich in mind, it’s perfect… add a little dijon mustard and :kissing_smiling_eyes:.


Just skip the sandwich to have the sauce. It’ll taste better…


Sticking to the DoTM theme, anyone know of a hamburger with tartar sauce?


You used to be able to order tartar sauce at Kalbi Burger before they closed.



Sitting at Langers. The guy at the counter ordered a Reuben with a side of mayo. I know the Reuben has thousand island dressing but this just seemed wrong on so many levels.


If it wasn’t for the corned beef, I would guess that was @ipsedixit sitting next to you.


Don’t make Mister Blue-in-the-face puke green. NO on mayo. Yes to Miracle Whip and tartar sauce. I think there’s room for all three so not judging anyone. Or does this set me up for a Game of Thrones-like frenemies fate?


You’ve been playing the culinary Game of Thrones all this time, you just didn’t know it…



Touché! :skull_and_crossbones:


Yuca’s. Hillhurst location.

On the way to Griffith Park? Taking a hot date to the Observatory? Heading to Bigfoot Lodge and The Roost? Grabbing a book at Skylight? Want to get something in before seeing Marty and Elayne at The Dresden? New movie at The Vista? Breakfast or brunch with the girls at Little Doms? Bang Bang with Ricky’s Fish Tacos? Picnic basket for the Hollywood Bowl? Built up a appetite after bowling at Shatto but don’t want Korean, or Thai? Lunch date with that hot nurse from CHLA/Pres/Kaiser? Taking the doggie to Barnsdall Park to watch the sunset? Watching a game at Ye Rustic Inn?
Drinking away during breakfast hours at Drawing Room? Almost got hit at the clusterfuk intersection of Hillhurst/Sunset/Hollywood/Virgil/Sunset and need a little comfort?

All the reason to hit up this little hut for the cheeseburgers. Get a double. Very basic. Beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, and flavor from decades old seasoned grill via carne asada and other Mexican delights. You can’t have one.

And speaking of basic burgers…Everson Royce Bar. Beef and cheddar. Beefy as beefy can be. Comes with some sweet pickles on the side. Free fries on Monday I think. Speak about food with other food geeks and food industry peeps.


How else would you eat fries ? A compromise, at least in Germany, is “Pommes Rot- Weiss” (fries red white)


I love “fries red white” or rather “pommes rot-weiss” :wink: . I didn’t know it was a thing! I just thought of it as overindulgence.


The Karaage burger at Anzu Japanese Gourmet has Tartare sauce


Yes, but that’s a chicken burger.


A couple of entries. The first is the Haven Burger at Haven Gastropub. Nicely seasoned, and very juicy, but not quite as good as I remember it. The beer selection is great as always.

This is the Bagby Burger from Bagby Beer Co. in Oceanside. Patty was cooked well past the medium rare I ordered. Dry and lacking flavor. The beer selection, which would be my only reason to come back, was great. The watermelon mead was particularly interesting.