Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS


Pann’s has the BEST split pea soup I have ever tasted, including my own. Depth of flavor is almost bottomless. And the sautéed spinach is great too.


Exactly @Nemroz -

You’re a proficient fire cooker who had no problem cooking a fatty on a stovetop. To declare Silverton’s burger blend unfit for a skillet didn’t make sense. I posted a “why?” (no answer). But as you and @nashwill pointed out, it’s an old thread.

I haven’t decided which blend to use. We are temporarily uprooted from home on the Miracle Mile. Belcampo at GCM is beckoning. But this helped with whether or not it’s ok to pan fry a fatty burger.

Thanks folks. I’ll post results.


I love Split Pea Soup. That reminds me, I need to post my ‘three stages of one cooked ham’.


I’ve had both Belcampo and the Silverton blend from Huntington. I’ve also had A Cut Above’s burger blend and ground my own.

Of them all, I think the flavor of the Belcampo blend is just a bit superior. It has a bit of a deeper beef flavor. However, keep in mind that I actually like the flavor of grass-fed beef while many prefer the corn-fed. I also prefer the the slightly coarser texture of the Belcampo burger blend.

That said, the difference isn’t HUGE so don’t go way out of the way to get one over the other.

Last, unless you’re dealing with some blend that purposefully pushes the fat to absurd levels, you will be perfectly happy with the fat levels in any of the blends mentioned.


Perfect @frommtron

Based on your description I might actually enjoy Silverton’s blend more. But I think my dudes will prefer Belcampo’s grass-fed, coarse textured burger. Plus I like their farming practices.

Now I just need to settle on a veggie burger - grain or soy based.

P.S. Kudos on the grinding your own meat.



You live over here too? Nice.


I do! We’re getting our really old house remodeled and are moving around like vagrants. Otherwise I’d be stalking you and your family at events like Taste of Farmers Market and Fridays at LACMA. :grin:


if you got kids there’s a movie in a park event in a couple weks


Great. We’ll have our godson a lot in August.


I’ve smoked a fatty, I’ve rolled a fatty, but can’t say I’ve really tried cooking a fatty. Oh wait…

There you go, another excuse to visit Pann’s. Get the fried chicken or patty melt, side order of the spinach and a bowl of the split pea.


Exactly. You forgot about the brownies, huh?


You put a whole fatty in a brownie?


Nothing beats good Milka or Rittersport chocolate (as long as it is not some artisan, small batch stuff)


You get curry ketchup at the German supermarket in Torrance


It’s also easy to make a good one. I like the combo of ketchup + sriracha + curry powder + pepper.


Or just go to your local Cost Plus World Market.

But then, that would be too easy.


Make sure to pick me up some Coffee Crisps while you’re there pls thx


Meh, I’d rather have one of these Canadian-only treats from Nestle.


Paging @lectroid. Send us all of the Canuck Nestle products STAT.


I’m happy to do a superstore run of a case for cost + shipping + a box of cadbury Crunchiies for me.