Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS


I’m not an In N Out fan so when I do eat it, it’s usually as a last resort. The only way it’s palatable to me is with raw onion, tomato, extra chopped chilies, extra spread, no cheese, and no lettuce.


sounds like a personal problem




Burger at Charcoal in Venice.

Brentwood corn, pretty fantastic. How they are cut reminds me of ribs


I like your combos. Your beef marinade is my go-to for flap meat grilling.


:roll_eyes:… aren’t you special.


Very nice.


I’m pretty sure this place is responsible for current USC students’ freshman 10. Aren’t they lucky though? It’s far superior to the current or maybe even past iteration… Fat Burger. Shhh… don’t tell anyone I said that.

I mean, this thing is magnificent. Thin, loosely packed patty of chuck & brisket, a schmear of chili & mayo, melty american cheese, bacon (not necessary), fried egg, between toasted Hawaiian-style (possibly parkerhouse) rolls. I usually take one bite of these monstrosities and say “It’s pretty good.” as I slide it back. But homey was lucky to get this back. He said it was the best burger he’d had in years, maybe ever. High praise from an old-school burger man.


They make a mean - and massive - veggie burger in-house, and their tater tots are pretty much my ideal.


Darn it. I wanted to include a good veggie burger on my journey. Sooo many burgers in L.A. So little time.


If you squint hard enough, the Father’s Office burger is in the back. My brother happily devoured it, while I stuck with the smoked eel and beet salad. I did sneak off with many of his perfectly crisp-tender shoestring French fries and mushrooms from his veggie side-dish.


I may be dense @TheCookie, but where is this? I’m at USC a few times a year. Thanks :blush:


It’s next to the Shrine. Dirt Dog is also up the street. As is Chichen Itza/Holbox. And that down the street is that Fig Cheesesteaks. And around that is $100 Parking Lots for USC football games!


Oops. It’s called Dog Haus. :slight_smile:


Thanks @TheCookie and @JeetKuneBao!

$100 parking for the games? Same neighborhood lawn for years, now bumped up to $40 :joy:

I see there are some locations closer to me, cause I’m not waiting for football season to try that burger.


One of my favorite burgers

Everson Royce Bar, single burger with fries $10 happy hour special


I’ve so been wanting that!


Dog Haus is a chain? That works. :yum:

During the Raider years my older brother used to pay for parking on the down-low at the now closed Menlo Bar.


We used Uber for Dog Haus btw. We’re getting into the millennial lifestyle during our temporary stay in dtla. :blush:


I took my Dad’s spot from the Ram’s days :sunglasses: