Dish of the Month (DoTM) – JUNE 2017 -- FOOD ON A STICK


Has the Japan govt declared pork intestines to be another food group yet? :yum:


It is to us.

Can’t wait to make it back to Tokyo to our favorite horumon izakaya in Shinjuku. I’m so glad that offal is a health food and so good for us. ;).


I’m waiting for someone to attempt intestine sashimi. :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth:


Ugh - I just threw up a little. :nauseated_face::wink:


Remember to always cook the shit out of your intestines


How about echinoderm bottom-dweller intestine gunkanmaki?

Konowata: Fermented sea cucumber innards, from Sushi Gen (circa 2011)


Hi @J_L,

Wow! How was it? :slight_smile:


Salty. Funky. Chinmi, Definitely called for a shot or two of sake with that. In other words: Great(?)


Diner - “What drink would you recommend with the fermented sea cucumber guts?”

Somm - “I recommend our house sake.”

Takeaways: Sake goes with anything.:+1:Asian folks will eat anything. :grinning:


My humble little entry to DOTM:

Wandering downtown today after being in the office all morning (boo Saturday work!) I was happy to discover the Vancouver Coastal Jazz fest to be in swing. Interesting music, including a group of Nigerian women doing the most eerily anguished sounding vocals.

Where there’s a festival there’s food. Often on sticks. And so there were.

4/$12, one Garlic chicken, one beef, and two seven-spice pork. With pita and a pickle.

Nothing terribly special, but usually stuff like this follows a pattern: the chicken will be tasty but dry unless there’s sauce. The beef will be chewy, and the pork will almost always be the most interesting of the bunch. In this case I was surprised that the chicken was indeed nicely garlicky and cooked perfectly, still tender and moist. The steak was of a much better cut that I’d expected, and was also done to a just past med rare. The pork was the loser of the group. Over done, too chewy, and whatever the seven spices were will remain a mystery because I couldn’t detect any of them.

But even so. Sticks. Food on them. Music. Sunny day. I’ve had worse times.


Wait, are you based in Vancouver? How did I miss that???


I WAS in LA from late 2010 til just about a year ago. Job stuff brought me to Vancouver, BC about this time last year.


Pork, chicken, and beef short rib sate from Mr. Sate on Motor. This was my first time trying this place and I enjoyed my food, especially the chicken. Little pricey though. I polished off five sticks and an order of spring rolls (no drink or rice), which cost me about $20, including tax and tip.



:chicken: hearts

:pig: belly

:chicken: knees

dark meat :chicken: and scallions

:chicken: balls

:chicken: wings

asparagus wrapped with :pig:

dried :fish:

quail :egg:

:sheep: chop


japanese :eggplant:

:squid: legs


:chicken: skin

:chicken: kidneys

:chicken: neck



I went on Friday for the first time (and loved it). When were you there?


I was there on Saturday, unfortunately i didn’t love it. I wasn’t impressed with the quality, (lack of) flavor, and execution. Report coming shortly.


Oh, that’s too bad. :frowning: Will be interested in hearing your report, and I think you certainly know much more about yakitori than do I.


[quote=“lectroid, post:90, topic:5817”]
Wandering downtown today after being in the office all morning (boo Saturday work!) I was happy to discover the Vancouver Coastal Jazz fest to be in swing.
[/quote]Don’t you love when that happens. Food on a Stick to boot. Serendipity.


[quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:97, topic:5817”]
Will be interested in hearing your report,
[/quote]Me too. There are such varying opinions about Nambankan on this thread that I’m now officially intrigued.


I have a question: If your food is cooked on a stick but served off the stick does it still qualify? I’m good with either ruling :slightly_smiling_face: just askin’.