Dish of the Month (DoTM) – JUNE 2017 -- FOOD ON A STICK


Speaking of sticks, where can i find some chōchin yakitori, aka lantern yakitori, aka the chicken uterus and unformed egg on a stick? because who doesn’t want to eat a baby egg.

I’ve had it at Torishiki in tokyo but haven’t been able to find it locally.

P.s. i searched for “uterus” but didn’t get any hits.

(not my photo)


Doing eggs and reproductive organs for DoTM wasn’t enough to satisfy this guy. Now he must find them on a stick.

Edit: And they have to be unformed and come from a chicken.


Just when I thought I couldn’t love Japan anymore than I already do.


I would say “yes,” personally…


…and I just noticed the phallus-y of it all. :roll_eyes:


Good…Yours is the only “personally” that counts to me on this thread :kissing_heart:.


Well, hell… if something is GROWN on a stick does it count, too? Corn? A nice leg of lamb, maybe? Both got their own built in sticks. Maple syrup is actually from the stick itself! What about orange chicken eaten by a 4 year old that just stabs pieces with a chopstick?

We let this go, soon it’ll be cereal for dinner! chocolate cake for breakfast! White wine served with beef! Madness! ANARCHY!!!

This is not 'Nam! There are RULES!!


[quote=“lectroid, post:107, topic:5817”]
What about orange chicken eaten by a 4 year old that just stabs pieces with a chopstick?
[/quote]Were you spying on me last Saturday night?


I don’t know why I encourage this nonsense.


On the advice of counsel I am taking the 5th.

Also, the nightlight in the upstairs hallway is out. That’s not safe. You should replace the bulb.


Bernie’s Teriyaki in Echo Park/Flip Town.

Unlike other teriyaki joints they got skewers here.


Damn I hate to put mom&pop places down, but I gotta say that Bernie’s isn’t all that great… Yeah they got skewers, but that stick may taste better than the meat on it.


The wood soaks in the marinade better?


Block Pop’s Triple Berry White Chocolate - Jinya Ramen Bar (Mid-Wilshire)

The frozen berries are rather flavorless, but its body is sweet, tart & creamy. They also have (but were out) Matcha Green Tea Pistachio.


had a corn dog from dog haus. I think I prefer it to Disneyland - blasphemy, I know.


Didn’t know they had corn dogs. I am so going over there this week.


the real corn dog is better than the sliders, but the sliders are good too, esp. if you want to just sample (no stick however).


I need to get in and try that. Love their Another Night in Bangkok.


Well… it’s looking like July will be Burger month. I’ll do a twofer.


That does look good.