Dish of the Month (DoTM) – JUNE 2017 -- FOOD ON A STICK


Aburiya Raku - W. Hollywood

Have you seen enough skewers from Aburiya Raku? Well… a few more won’t kill you.

Consumed, but not pictured 2 Tsukune (ground asajime chicken skewers) and 1 Ibirico Pork Skewer (they ran out of the pork cheeks).

Asajime Chicken Breast w/Chicken Skin

Fresh, juicy, light crispy skin, sprinkled w/course sea salt. Delicious.

Wagyu Rib Cap

These had the chew and marbling expected from wagyu, a brush of sauce, good caramelization and tasty little garlic chips.

Kobe Beef Tendon

I do not want to talk about this!

Salmon Belly - Does a fin count as a stick?

:kissing_heart: :stuck_out_tongue: This is going on my best bites list.


Everything had the perfect smokiness from the binchotan charcoal.

Lovely evening.


Wait, why don’t you want to talk about the tendon???


626 Night Market starts today, here’s your chance to get a bunch more food on a stick.


those skewers look way better than mine.


We went a little after they opened. Yeah, portion issue. We felt most things were app portions.



Edit: wth. Turn your heads sideways.


Yay… somebody got one! With mustard and ketchup too… perfect.


I’m a little late to the game…but I made it!
Beef dog and pepper jack on a stick. Haven’t had either in ages…my only complaint is that they both were too browned.


They do look like someone was checking their instagram and missed the timer :wink:. And on your first one in years!


While it wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t terribly bad, either. Or the cosmos’ way of keeping the memory good enough but not so good that I become a frequent customer, again. The pepperjack on the stick was still great…those can kill a person alone.


Our glass half full girl :kissing_smiling_eyes:

But seriously, I’ve been wanting one since this thread started. Time for a trip to Fox Hills aka Westfield.



Thanks for the rec

I added a dab of spicy brown mustard - very good - but this classic calls for just plain ole’ yellow mustard.

More on the burger thread later :heart_eyes:


Almost forgot. For nostalgia, I hit up Hot Dog on a Stick last week. Not as good as I remember (duh), and not nearly as good as DLand, but the lemonade is still solid.


I thought about that too. I still want one though and a cheese stick too.


I think they’re as good as always.

It’s just that you’ve improved. Taste-wise, at least.


At the OC Fair

Pork Belly wrapped in bacon. This was pretty good. The pork belly was cooked and seasoned well, the bacon was crisp. For fair sizes and pricing, not bad at $12

Mushrooms stuffed with gouda cheese and wrapped in bacon. Another pleasant surprise.Everything also cooked well, came with some actual grated not powdered Parmesan cheese and a large portion of onions and peppers. Although for $12, I thought they were a bit skimpy on the mushrooms, another one or two would have been nice. But I guess the cheese and veggies were to make up for that.


Better late than never? :wink:

On the ground in Beijing. Lamb kebab at a halal restaurant. We’ve had lamb here (Beijing) in hot pot, stir fried, fried Beijing meat balls, lamb offal soup and ala kebab. All good.

Finally got to try donkey. Surprisingly juicy and tender. Touch too much cumin for my taste. Will hold the cumin next time.

Fun revisiting scorpion street. Be extra careful of the phalanx of tourists wielding sharp sticks, sucking down all manner of …creatures.

Stickman threading a live writhing scorpion onto a skewer.

The stand selling tarantula, millipede, etc, enforced a strict no photo policy. Thus only these photos of the more mundane run of the house bugs.

It’s dinner if it crawls, walks, swims or flies. Quail and squab on a stick.

Various octopi and squidlies.

For the less adventurous eaters. Fruit n corn.


I really just hope nobody posts another food-on-a-stick photo on this thread @Google_Gourmet. Yours should be the finale. La fin. Nothing will top it.


'cept pizzle. On a stick.