Dish of the Month (DoTM) – JUNE 2017 -- FOOD ON A STICK


Pizzle on a stick? Almost seems redundant. :wink:

Had ‘ass on a stick today. Pizzle next!


How come???


I’m only guessing:

  1. Too much grief from squeamish Westerners. Eeeeeeww! Gross!

  2. Too many gawkers blocking actual customers from choosing their preferred delicacy.

I didn’t indulge, but wouldn’t have any trouble downing a scorpion or tarantula. The 6” millipede, I may have a problem with.


Of course I had to look that up. Men!


Solved the pizzle puzzle. Clap :clap:




Yeah, Johnson On a Stick just don’t have the same pizzazz.


I got you fam.



There’s nothing like getting up on a fine Sunday mornin’ and seein’ skewered genitalia.

Thank you, all, for completing the culinary circle of life.


More funny!!!


Let me guess… Feng Mao?


Let’s not forget about the ladies because #equality

chōchin yakitori aka chicken uterus


and… the champion of reproductive organs on a stick, @PorkyBelly, weighs in!


Wonder if one were to replace “Johnson” with a word that rhymes with, “stick.” :grimacing:




Prick on a Stick, million dollar idea right there.


Dick on a stick - save on ink. We’re talking high volume sales.


“Above All, Don’t Be a Dick.”


"Addendum - “…or we’ll put it on a stick.”


Actually I believe that is the ovopositor of the chicken, not the uterus.