Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MARCH 2017 -- DUMPLINGS



Arcadia>glendale>costamesa. And honestly, don’t even bother with CM


Have you tried the Torrance location?


Work has had me down in Torrance quite a bit lately. It’s been rough…



photo from Yelp

S Western Ave
Gardena, CA 90248


Hey, I liked the one in Costa Mesa. Is that the one in south coast plaza?


Was one of those flavors “KY Jelly”?

$18? As in, $5/dumpling + $3 for the accouterments?


Is Smorgasburg on the SM pier this Saturday? It’s a friend’s birthday, and I think he would be interested if so.


I concur. Just had them Friday. Quite tasty. The ash was indeed, “prickly” – ok I’m a child, that did give us a giggle when we were there.

The Magical Gyoza were nice as well, but we didn’t experience the “numbing sensation,” so we went home and had tequila instead.


Vegetarian and fish dumplings from the Glendale branch of Din Tai Fung.


Yes, it is. That would be fun for a birthday.


Haven’t been to Torrance yet.

@Bookwich, I’ve concluded the chain is overrated after visiting the original location in Taipei last year. Probably didn’t help that I went to Costa Mesa’s branch a week after I returned from Taiwan; probably colored my impression too much.


Thanks! I think my friend will enjoy this?


Georgian Khingali (Armenians make them too)… can be found in many places, most notable the Khingali factory in glendale. these ones from Golden Fork

bonus… my gnocchi with a summer sauce. gnocchi are dumplings i believe… come on over boys and especially girls


leek/pork/shrimp dumplings from Zui Xiang Yuan (the old flavor garden, which still uses the old FG menus, BTW)

they also sell frozen dumplings to take home


Saltena from La Rancherita Bakery in Santa Ana.


What’s the filling? :slight_smile:


It’s beef, chicken, potatoes, onion, peas, cilantro, hard boiled egg, chopped olives, and raisins (in order of abundance, with the last three being harder to find) with broth.


Nice find Pomsmoms!

That looks very tasty and hard to get…Rancherita sounds Mexican


Thanks! It was pretty tasty and cheap, $2.75 each. I think the proprietors are originally from Bolivia. They also let me buy some frozen, with 2 days notice. :slight_smile:


Vegetarian momos from Himalayan House on Jefferson near USC. The dumplings were tasty, but the wrappers were too thick.


Oyunaa’s Mongolian Cuisine, Santa Cruz. Wonderful!