Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MARCH 2017 -- DUMPLINGS


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The spicy sauce on those wontons is like crack.
[/quote]It looks like it too :yum:.


Likewise my fair cookie. :smile: It’d be kinda boring if we agreed on everything, albeit peaceful…


Vegan dumplings from a dumpling stand at Mar Vista Farmers Market.



Good vegetarian find. Unless they weren’t good? How were those wrappers?


It keeps the relationship lively.


The wrappers were very nice, actually. Thin and the filling was good too. Of corse they tasted even better with a little vinegar/soy/sesame when I got home. :slight_smile:


I’m with you. Most things taste better when taken home for a little doctoring.


Take no prisoners @Chowseeker1999!

Though you didn’t particularly enjoy everything at Shanghai Dumpling House, your report was a great tutorial. Thanks for explaining the different styles of dumplings.

The Wontons w/Shepherd’s Purse were particularly interesting. The wontons in clear broth w/scallions look so good. There is no denying the Chinese influence on Italian cooking. Tortellini is definitely an Italian wonton.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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Din Tai Fung’s super thin, delicate XLB
[/quote]I think you’re the first to explain why folks love them. I’m sure the light touch is why the noodles are loved too. My vegetarian sister - who for the sake of peace politely endures restaurants that serve flesh - has declared Din Tai Fung her favorite restaurant. She does not even qualify as a foodie, let alone a hound. So when I questioned her she just said “It’s delicious.” Okay, I’ll take that. Thanks for the description.

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Shanghai Style Chow Mein: it tasted fine, albeit a little greasy.
[/quote]Is there any other way?

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Rice Balls in Fermented Rice Soup - These were really just insipid.
[/quote]They look it.

Thanks for Seeking!


Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yah, there were definitely things that were solid / good at Shanghai Dumpling House. Give it a try if you happen to head out that way for their take on the Shanghai Soup Dumplings / Xiao Long Bao, it’s a nice contrast and comparison to Din Tai Fung’s version. :slight_smile:



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Khingali factory in glendale.
[/quote]So bummed we it made all the way there and didn’t have the khingali! We had ordered a few cold appetizers and planned on ordering khingali, then this beauty went by our table and our brains froze.

Pileli Soup

It did have little dumplings inside. But still, it’s not the same, and bummer the phyllo was a little undercooked :unamused:.


Okay, that was weird. I was trying to post the first one and it said the body was too similar to a previous post. So I took a few things out and posted the above. Then I refresh and both posts post :upside_down:.


that eater article was a repost from 2015. good thing that none of the places on the list had shuttered, though i’d question a few of the inclusions on the list.


Anyone know is the Monta at Monta Factory are really legit?

They look decent enough. I had a Turkish roommate for a while long ago whose mother brought the best monta from Turkey with her…we used to top them with yogurt, paprika butter, and mint…and they were absurdly good. I long to recapture that splendor.


i’ve been there. i enjoyed them, but i have no previous experience with the cuisine so as to testify to their authenticity. i ordered them for takeout.

and they came with a yogurt sauce on the side, which i unceremoniously dumped over the tray.


The unceremonious dumping is solid. What else are they topped with there?


your options are essentially before and after.

and they can give you a tray to take home and bake yourself for freshness.


Spicy wontons, with shrimp, pork, chili vinaigrette & cilantro, from Little Fatty (Mar Vista)… Outstanding.

By the way, Chef David’s cooking is far more focused now than when Little Fatty first opened. The menu has also been nicely tweaked. I highly recommend all doubters to go back for a new visit.


Those look great! wtf? Every time I order dumplings, I get ugly fried monsters. Maybe he likes you better than me.


@J_L, is this a new menu item? This could pull the trigger for a revisit.