Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MARCH 2017 -- DUMPLINGS


I don’t know. It wasn’t a good combination though. But I do like ROC. Because they offer a variety of fillings aside from pork. I might mention the wrapper thing.

Yeah, I get that about the pork fat in XLB and I actually love pork. It is a perfect food :blush:. But, as with J_L’s dislike (hatred?) of what these cheap poke places will do to the oceans and the fishing industry - I am horrified about the conditions on the average American pig farm. My dream would be to have a Dumpling spot that uses humanely-raised meat… what are the chances of that? Hahaha :grin:

I rarely bring this up, because I just think everyone is their own counsel on such matters. So let’s get back to eating! :yum:


OMG… It’s a chain!

Yes, I now remember reading your report. It seems they have a much wider variety at the locale you went to. Unfortunately though, a wider variety of not goodness :relaxed:.



if there was sufficient demonstrated financial demand for it, someone would probably supply it. but i doubt anyone will want to risk spending the money to find out that there isn’t sufficient demand - unless you’re andy ricker.

to make this post about food again, yes, i found the choice of a chicken/shrimp combination a curious one as i actually prefer a fatty pork/shrimp combination to just shrimp alone because without the pork fat, shrimp can be on the dry side. i don’t see a shrimp/chicken texture as being all that aesthetically pleasing, unless one added a lot of schmaltz or something else like maybe corn starch…


Yeah, I know. It’s only a dream. People would definitely be complaining about the price. They’d have to be perfect.

The shrimp/chicken were juicy enough, but the flavors just didn’t go well together. The shrimp made the chicken fishy.


Life is too short for hatred. I rather liken it to more of a “disdain”.

Exception: I do hate it when places don’t take cash. May those places rot in the lower depths of plastic purgatory, in eternal financial damnation.


I don’t know how “done-ness” you like your wrappers but I prefer ones that are delicate and not doughy. Last weekend we were at Koi Palace (Daly City) and Beaux Dragon in San Francisco and both places had soup dumplings with wrappers that were soft and very thin. Yesterday I went to Northern Cafe in Westwood for soup dumplings - the wrapper was pretty good but not quite as delicate as the ones we had up north (also not as much soup inside).


i knew it. you’re a hate-ist. an anti hate-ite.


Hi @TheCookie,

Regarding done-ness of wrappers, I don’t think it’s an option like with noodles. The issue is that generally the ingredients inside the dumplings are raw. So they have to cook them a certain amount of time to guarantee that the filling gets cooked through.

I think restaurants can get around that by adjusting the thickness of the dumpling skin (and the skill of the dumpling skin maker), with super thin dumpling skin vs. thicker iterations.


i await the day when a vendor specifies: “apple pay only”


Well, whatever it is you feel about it is now in my head. When I see poke on a menu I’ll think twice. Knowledge is a pain in the a_ _.

P.S. Cash is king!


Hi @Chowseeker1999 & @blackave -

In my case it was undercooked wrappers. When ROC on 3rd first opened they were scrumptious. They’re still good, but now the top seams are slightly stiff and undercooked. I was wondering if I could ask them to cook longer, but realize it could effect the juiciness of the fillings :frowning2:.

I got a little happy with the sauce, but maybe you can see how nice they were at one time.

I know we could travel miles for a perfect dumpling, but it would be nice to have good ones in our 'hood. What to do :thinking:?



Hi @TheCookie,

Ah I see. Wow, yah, if the tops of dumplings you had were stiff and undercooked, that’s a separate issue. Bummer, and thanks for the warning. :frowning: I agree, hopefully there’ll be a nicer place closer to the westside soon.

Oh, @CiaoBob did mention that Benitora (Sawtelle) has a variety of new gyoza now, perhaps you can try them? (Or I’ll report back if we get a chance to stop by earlier.) :slight_smile:


Mmmm… Love gyoza. Would like to try a place that does more than the standard. Thanks!

Since we’re on the Dumpling thread and @CiaoBob (so to speak), I’ve been meaning to ask you Bob - what makes the wrappers black on the black gyoza?


Not enough Bolivian food around! Those look really good -Saltena>Empanada but was it ground beef or the stewed/braised kind?


HI @TheCookie,

OK, then clearly it’s a sign you must travel east… and do a Howlin’ Ray’s & SGV dumpling house bang bang. :grin:


Hi @Chowseeker1999

I was going to give you an update on my Howlin’ Ray’s trek. Don’t get excited :relaxed:… we didn’t get there. I swear it’s not a conspiracy, haha. We were at the flower mart on the opposite end of DTLA. We seriously thought about going, but had to get back home to make centerpieces. We went to Poppy & Rose instead :grimacing:. Guess what? There was a line there too! The Fried Chicken & Waffle was very good, but obviously not H&R’s! I’m sorry… I’ll get there! :kissing_heart:

Speaking of SGV. My sister wants to go to Din Tai Fung for Mother’s Day. So…

Happy Dumpling & Fried Chicken Eating!


Okay, back to dumplings…

Am I allowed to say I don’t like Myung In Dumplings?

King Mandu

The bun is nice, a little doughy. But the filling is pretty bland and just not very appetizing.

Fried Mandu

Again, they’re cooked well, but the fillings are stiff and just not very flavorful. My cousin likes them; which is curious, since the (very similar) gyoza she makes are far better.

The other problem I have with their dumplings, there’s always a piece of bone or some other undesirable inside.

Beef Ribeye Soup

Now this I like. Although they only put about one piece of beef rib in.

We had a funny experience last time we were there. An older Korean man came in, looked at our table and another table with two “hamsters” and starting talking loudly. The only part we understood was “Anthony Bourdain!” For the record, my cousin & I had been going there way before the Parts Unknown episode. It’s been our ritual to get a scrub at Hankook Spa (closed for remodeling) then eat at Myung.

Can anyone recommend another dumpling spot in K-town?



Sad, but these are the dumplings I eat more than any other.


Haven’t a clue


I’m with you on Korean dumplings/Mandu.
Maybe I have never had them at “the right” place, but they never wow me like Chinese dumplings do.
Korean noodle soups and stews are a whole other ball of wax - love them.